Half way, no.. over half way to Europe ….. and an oops

The oops first. Our apologies go to those that found an interesting site at the end of the web address sent out recently. It just goes to show that one should always check one’s spelling.

Well a lot has happened in the past few days. We left Oamaru on Wednesday morning after a dinner with family on the Tuesday night. It took us a couple of attempts to leave as we had three odd jobs to complete and could not get the hang of doing all three right. Having finally completed them we sallied forth into the world.
An absolutely magnificent day without a cloud in the sky from the time we left Oamaru until we arrived at Sherwood Lodge in Waiau. And here are a couple of shots to prove it!!!!

We stayed Wednesday night with Pip and Craig (very much reduced and looking very good for it) and thank them for their hospitality. Then off early on Thursday to Christchurch to meet with Jason, hand over the car and make our way to the airport. Paul and Anne met us at the airport and sent us on our way, many thanks. To Auckland without incident and a meet with Steve, and Di and Paul, and having been given riding instructions from all and sundry it was to the off with Air New Zealand.

Thirteen hours in a relatively slim tube of aluminium, titanium and plastic with a full house may not be the best way to spend the time, but it all went off rather well. Not much sleep, an overdose of choices for watching and listening, the usual food and a few litres of water and we are here in Vancouver.

First thoughts, hot, dry, tidy, uncrowded, clean. A couple of hours wandering the streets an then settle in for the night. Although we have no idea of what day or what time it is, it is night therefore we sleep.

Good health and best wishes to all at home.

P.S. for those who like “Genuine Indian Pizza”


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