Sailing away

We left Hail Weston in misty drizzle via the train to London. Hilda and Ken waved us off at the station and it seemed in no time at all we were at Kings Cross station ready to make our way over to St Pancras to catch the fast train to Dover. 55 minutes later, we were in Dover and making our way to the B&B which was conveniently located across the road from Dover Priory station.

Statue at St Pancras station

Detail at base of Statue

First experience of the fast train was very good. It took off at a good clip right from the start and maintained the pace for a large part of the journey. With only four stops to Dover it was a clear run. The interesting part was that although the train started as a an electric unit we actually pulled into Dover under diesel power. In all a very comfortable mode of travel, relaxed, smooth riding, and relatively quiet, with room to move and good seating.

Snow and Roy on the fast train London to Dover

The Dover Restover B&B had a steep flight of stairs to the front door which opened into a very narrow hallway and more flights of stairs. The owner was very pleasant and led us up two flights of stairs to our room. The room had a single bed and a very small double bed in it, with just enough room at the end of the bed to place the luggage, but not enough room to walk past. The bathroom door could be opened just enough to sidle your way in as the door was halted from opening properly by the closeness of the bed. The bathroom itself was tiny, with the toilet placed hard up against one wall, and the shower opening was just wide enough for you to get into the shower sideways. Turn on the shower and you were met with a drizzle of tepid water. Great!!!

Room at the B&B, well no room really!!

and the rest of the room

We left the B&B and walked into Dover to view the highlights of the city……hmmm, there weren’t any!!! The whole place had an air of dogearedness every second shop is a gaming room or bingo hall, we soon realized that Dover was not going to be such a great place to spend any length of time. The pubs were frequented by locals who seemed to fit into the category of unemployed, beer drinking, football jersey wearing, smoking, mullet/shaved hair, types who, as is customary in city pubs were drinking outside the pubs on the footpath, not a nice sight. The centre of Dover itself is not particularly attractive, and the constant rain did not help. After spending some time wandering the streets, finding the local library to use the internet, and getting not a little depressed with the whole outlook, we ended up having fish & chips for dinner as it seemed the other local restaurants left a lot to be desired.

Early to bed then, and up the next morning ready for breakfast. Breakfast was served in the basement of the establishment, down another two flights of a very narrow staircase, breakfast was adequate and nothing to write home about, but at least served with a smile and a cheery greeting. Whilst at breakfast we did meet one other couple, Aussies, who were also on the same cruise as us. Discussing our impressions of Dover with them, they had also come to the same conclusion, but they had dined at an Italian restaurant the previous evening where they said they were served food reheated from a packet!!! Seems as though we did well with choosing fish & chips. It was noted that the B&B only served breakfast from 7am to 8.30am and that checkout was strictly by 10am – we wonder why we had not adhered to such timing whilst at Pyb!!! It would have made life a lot easier!!

The taxi arrived promptly at 10am to take us to the cruise ship terminal, where we were quickly through customs and checked into the cruise, then a short wait until we were allowed to board at midday. As our rooms were not ready, it was straight into lunch with the hoards and a quick wander around to find out where things were on the ship. We found the library and games room where we played crib until our room was ready.

Snow and the white cliffs of Dover

Our room was a pleasant surprise in that it was at least twice the size of the room of the previous evening, with a small but very functional ensuite with a fantastic shower with plenty of hot water and pressure.

Definitely larger than the B&B room

Alexandra's bed NOT

Later we headed off to one of the restaurants for dinner, where we were seated with two other couples. After a pleasant enough dinner, we headed off to read and bed.

Day 2 at sea and tomorrow morning we will awake in Copenhagen. Yay.
After 24hrs on a cruise, what do we think? Well, we are bored!!! Neither of us are into this cruise stuff, we are not into drinking every 5 mins, we don’t gamble, not into disco, nor organized mind numbing entertainment etc we cannot wait until we get somewhere where we can get off and do our own thing! Only another 11 days to go.


5 Responses to “Sailing away”

  1. glennis Says:

    hi guys
    really enjoying your travel escapades! sounds like you are havng a ball. your cruise comment interests me! Rob wants to go on a cruise and selfish old me says it’s probably the last thing I’d choose to do for the very same reasons you have stated! maybe one day when I’m old…. hehe
    enjoy it though. i know you will!

  2. James Says:

    Our one cruise sounds similar to yours; not really our cup of tea, and we found the only enjoyable part was reaching the ports and exploring, so why not just fly?

  3. Steve Says:

    There must be more to do than that. What about ‘Line Dancing’?
    Don’t forget they are catering for the market that also love going to ‘Butlins Holiday Camps’ or Club Med, where all is organised and arranged. Still beats sitting in the Auckland rain!

  4. Alex Vannini Says:

    Have to admit i’m not totally surprised to your reaction to being on a cruise ship, am still a little surprised you went on one. But hey, still jealous of the places you get to go see.
    Obviously they don’t have a phase 10 table or cranium table on board (maybe you should suggest it).
    Anywho, i hope you enjoy your on land time x

  5. Jason Says:

    Hi ,

    Yes we are following the blog a bit, the kids enjoy seeing Snow having adventures, and really enjoyed the house at pooh corner stuff, and who would have thought that the two of you were not into line dancing !! 🙂

    P.S. The kids also love the postcards, we are pinning the map, keep em coming!

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