Into Tallin

A day in Warnemunde and Rostock is almost a day too much!!! Not only was the weather miserable, so were most of the people!! First was a train trip to Rostock with all the early morning local commuters and then to find a shop to buy a wind proof/water proof jacket which was duly done. After a wander around for the morning looking at the local high?lights, including elephants wandering down the main street, and desperately trying to find any Internet connection, which we were told there was none, we hopped onto a ferry to travel back to Warnemunde. A pleasant trip back to the jetty which just so happened to be directly in front of the cruise ship. Then a ‘short’ walk to the town of Warnemunde, well, it would have been short if one of us could read a map properly and not take the walk to the end of the pier then have to turn around and walk the long walk back and this time to the bridge into the town. A nice enough time was spent in the town, again no internet connection anywhere. This surprised us somewhat as we expected the Germans to have a reasonable service. A nice apple was found at the market – NZ Pink Rose, mmmm.

Back onto the ship for the evening of playing crib and backgammon and put our clock forward an hour ready for a day at sea.

Woke late to a stunning day. There was a poolside BBQ for lunch on offer today so we headed poolside for a change of scenery and food. I guess at this point we should mention the food, there is plenty of it, constantly, but the quality is just not there. So we tend to keep things simple and have the fresh fruit and salad on offer with whatever is on offer from the carvery. We have tried a few of the different restaurants with varying success. Another day of lying in the sun reading, interspersed with crib playing and backgammon. I guess we are very slowly getting into the cruisy lifestyle!!

We really love hearing the snippets from home…..sorry to hear that Benny has gone walkabout tho, thanx for trying tho Helen & Don, you never know, he may just wander back in.


One Response to “Into Tallin”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Hi Bernice & Roy from a wet wet night – Spring is supposed to be here but it feels more like mid winter grotty night here with torrential rain, so even a boring cruise and not having to cook dinner for a bit sounds inviting!!!! We are thoroughly enjoying your blogs – I always think of Dover as the place immigrants would be stowed away in lorries tring to get into the UK.
    Make the most of every minute and have a ball!!
    Love from us all Lindsay

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