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Sur le canal

September 14, 2010

Firstly let me draw your attention to a comment from James.  For those that have not read the comment.

“You stumbled across a very good trivia question! Do you know the difference between a gargoyle and a grotesque? The former is used to direct water away from buildings (and the word comes from the French, gargouille, meaning ‘throat’), while the latter is simply an ornament that has no function other than decoration!”

So my naming them gremlins was incorrect but the function was correct and now thanks to James we have a complete explanation.

Now on again.  Roy was up and about early and in his wanderings took a couple of shots of the detail of the Reims Cathedral.

detail cath 1 Detail above entrance

detail cath 2 Saints lining entrance

detail 3 The downtrodden, detail of carving at saints feet

Also managed to find a market, but not just any old market, it turned out to be a specialised market selling second hand books.  However there were a couple of drawbacks, only a few of the sellers were set up and all of the books were in French.

market Setting up for book market

Also seen in the city centre was this intriguing sign.

eden park Not quite the same

We left Reims after a terrible nights sleep (roll together bed with springs poking through the mattress, combined with a stifling hot room) we had a quick breakfast and made our way to the train station.  Within 10 minutes we were on our way to Charlesville-Mezieres.  Have we mentioned before about how wonderful train travel is here?  Well, its fantastic!

Roger kindly met us at the train station and we made our way to the boat, where we unpacked and were soon sitting down to a lovely lunch out on the back of the boat complete with Pink lemonade.  We finally feel as though we are on holiday.

ruth and roy Ruth and Roy

DSCF1892 Roger and Bernice

The rest of the day and evening was spent relaxing and unwinding with the assistance of a little Champagne followed by Red Wine, oh and some incidental food..

After a decent nights sleep we were up and off into town for a little wandering, shopping, coffee and pastries.

palmier Palmier for anyone?

We then were to go to Lidl (Mike & Ann, Ken & Hilda will appreciate this store).  for some shopping.  Following instructions we boarded a number 5 bus to go to stop  CRS23.   After a scenic tour of the town we arrived at the end of the line at CRS23, was Lidl there, well no, we were out in the middle of nowhere right on the outskirts of Mezieres.  Oh dear, a mistake had been made, after some dashes into bushes to sort out needed functions we reboarded the number 5 bus and headed back to town after explaining our difficulties to the bus driver, who acknowledged that she did not know where the Lidl store was.  After a reverse trip of the town we arrived at the stop where we boarded only to have the driver tell us not to get off.   She then started around another circuit of the town, still as a number 5 bus but on an entirely different route.   It turns out there are two segments to the 5 bus route and we had chosen the wrong one, also the bus driver had called her base and been told where the Lidl store was.  She dropped us right outside and we completed our shopping trip.  After completing the shopping we proceeded back to the centre by bus and then walked back  to the boat to catch up with bits and pieces.

romany Romany at marina

french pukeko French Pukeko at the marina

Then off to Sedan tomorrow which should be fun as  we will be going through 6 locks.