Charlesville-Mezieres to Sedan

Woke up this morning to a fine day.  Roy went to town at an early hour and found the post office to send postcards then to the local boulangerie for today’s supply of Baguettes.

Rest of crew slept on for some time but we were only fifteen minutes late getting underway for Sedan.

On the move Underway!!

The first lock was unusual in the height of the lock walls. This presents some problems with tying up to the side wall.   Roger and Ruth handled the whole thing very professionally we were underway.

DSCF1933 Water entering the lock after tying off

moving out of the first lock Moving out of the lock

We then traversed some 30km of canal going through some six further locks.  By the time we finished we had both had turns steering the barge and had become quite good at handling the ropes in the locks. 

a working barge Working barge moored, we saw this one much later when we were moored at Sedan and it passed us.

We arrived in Sedan tied up to the wall and then found that the largest and one of the oldest fairs in the North East was being held in Sedan.  We spent a couple of hours wandering through the fair which extended over two to three kilometres of streets. 


snow conquers the pig Snow conquers the boar, straight from Asterix

Bought a couple of items and the girls had haircuts entrusting the hairdressers to do their best with no French spoken by the girls, and no English spoken by the hairdresser!  The result?  Bloody marvellous haircuts.  Meanwhile the boys shifted Romany to a better location.

moored at Sedan Moored at Sedan

For the techno geeks out there (Dad), Romany is a English built wide beam barge, 60feet long, 13feet wide and draws 2ft 8 inches (sorry….our metre person is not typing this!).  Launched in 2001, it has a Perkins 135hp diesel engine and cruises around 8knots.  She weighs 40 tonne.  She has 12, 24 and 240volt systems.  Colecraft hull built in Long Itchington and was shipped to France on the back of a lorry.  She is a 12mm steel plate hull, tiller steered with no bow thruster!   I hope that satisfies all the questions about this lovely boat.

And of course sign of the day

interesting sign roy

Need we say more!!!

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