Sedan to Stenay

Woke to a very foggy morning.  Hardly able to see the other end of the mooring site. 

prer dawn Predawn looking across the river

Trot off to the boulangerie to get the days Baguette supply.  On the way I pass the covered market where the stall holders are just setting out there wares.  Primarily produce of all types including butchery (beef, veal, horse, halal meat, rabbit and also all types of pate, terrines and offal), poultry (chicken, duck, rabbit quail and again various pates, terrines and offal), cheese (from large rounds of the harder cheeses to small soft and aged cheeses, mostly local but also from Belgium, Switzerland, Holland and Italy), eggs (duck,   hen quail), vegetable stalls and flower stalls.  All very interesting, some of the meat cuts almost unrecognisable.

Also outside the covered market people setting up other selling stalls for clothes and junk.

We set off from Sedan about 9 o’clock, after some careful manoeuvring to avoid the grip of the current and the finger to which we were moored.  Seeing ahead on the canal and river was a little difficult to start but as the day wore on the mist lifted. 

under way Underway in a lighter patch

We negotiated several locks successfully until the last one for the day.  Here we tried to activate the automatic lock control system but were unsuccessful.  This left us at the gates of the lock with two red lights and the gates firmly shut.  Had to contact the lock management authority by phone and they sent a Locksman along who arrived about half an hour later and managed to manually operate the lock so we could continue.

Scenes from along the way

cattle Cattle grazing on the canal edge

relaxed Life of ease

 wharf Wharf, perhaps past its use by date

Arrived in Stenay late afternoon and moored.  Roger and Roy took off to the largest beer museum in France.  Very well put together and very interesting, but no free samples!!!

moored at stenay Moored at Stenay

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