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Consenvoye to Verdun

September 22, 2010

After picking up our baguettes from the hotel and Bernice availing herself of their showering facilities, we were underway.

Early morning consenvoyeEarly morning Consenvoye

All of the locks we used today were manual, and to confound things further we were accompanied in every lock by a boat called Grand Duchy.  Both of us went through each lock together, obviously this is the easiest way for the lock keepers when two boats of suitable size are close within the canal system.  As they were slower than us this delayed our passage slightly.

converted lock keepers houseA converted lock keepers house on the way.

It was a perfect day with little cloud, warm temperature and mirror like canal water.

perfect reflection Perfect reflection in the canal water

We arrived without mishap at Verdun.

Bernice and Roy then took off on a town trip to get a handle on the place.

gate of verdun Gate of Verdun

Rodin sculpture Rodin sculpture

Verdun fortress walls Verdun fortress walls

portcullis inside Verdun gate Portcullis inside the Verdun gate

All in all a quiet day and certainly holiday like.

Stenay to Consenvoye

September 22, 2010

Underway again, in fog this morning but not as dense as the day before.

foggy day  Early morning fog at Stenay

For the first time we struck a significant amount of traffic going in the opposite direction.  These varied from craft much smaller than us to large commercial barges.

combarge 1

combarge 2

Also saw a number of old bridges which had been partially destroyed and never repaired.

bridge 2 Two partially destroyed bridges

bridge 1


Along most of the canal there are kilomtetre posts measuring the distance to the Belgian border.

kilo post

Very leisurely, with automated locks all the way except for the last few.  Could not see any automatic switch point so had to organise a lock person to come and let us through.  After this he went ahead and set up the locks and then operated them for us to go through.

manually letting water out Letting the water out before we enter the lock

manually opening the lock gates Opening the gates to let us out of the lock

ruth showing strength Ruth shows us how it is done

Arrived in Consenvoye which is the smallest of the ports of call we have made in our journey so far, no boulangerie, or any shop of significance.  We moored in the canal, as there was very little room to turn around in their harbour .

sloping wall lock Sloping wall lock with Romany tied to canal bank in background


consenvoye Yes we were there!!

However it did have an Hotel close to the mooring area so we decided it could be a good day to sample the local produce. 

 a range of local productsRange of local products

They provided a free toilet and shower for the use of people on canal boats.  We negotiated for them to supply us with Baguettes first thing in the morning which they were happy to do.  Very enterprising and deserving of custom.

Decided to have our evening meal on the canal bank.  So the meal, confit of duck and mushroom risotto  was transported from the boat to the table on shore.  Accompanied by a nice red wine, it went down very well.