Consenvoye to Verdun

After picking up our baguettes from the hotel and Bernice availing herself of their showering facilities, we were underway.

Early morning consenvoyeEarly morning Consenvoye

All of the locks we used today were manual, and to confound things further we were accompanied in every lock by a boat called Grand Duchy.  Both of us went through each lock together, obviously this is the easiest way for the lock keepers when two boats of suitable size are close within the canal system.  As they were slower than us this delayed our passage slightly.

converted lock keepers houseA converted lock keepers house on the way.

It was a perfect day with little cloud, warm temperature and mirror like canal water.

perfect reflection Perfect reflection in the canal water

We arrived without mishap at Verdun.

Bernice and Roy then took off on a town trip to get a handle on the place.

gate of verdun Gate of Verdun

Rodin sculpture Rodin sculpture

Verdun fortress walls Verdun fortress walls

portcullis inside Verdun gate Portcullis inside the Verdun gate

All in all a quiet day and certainly holiday like.

2 Responses to “Consenvoye to Verdun”

  1. Nancy Allan Says:

    Thoroughly enjoying your travelling tales. cycled along some of the tow paths & it is really peaceful & interesting. Great fun buying the day’s supplies from small supermarches. Would love some of your warmth & sunshine but at least we have missed the worst of this wild weather. Stadium Southland not so lucky – not good for netball Bernice.

  2. Bernice Says:

    Hi Nancy, nice to hear from you. I have not cycled along any tow paths as there have not been any along this trip! But enjoying the beautiful countryside, people and warm weather although we should be heafing into cooler weather from now on.
    Hope all is well with you and yours. X

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