St Mihiel to Toul via Pagny sur Meuse

Il Pleut….yes, it rained and rained and rained. Woke this morning to continuous rain, which had been falling all night.  The decision was made to continue on as the rain was going to be a nuisance whatever we did. 

rain Rain and more rain

Ruth and Bernice stoically donned wet weather gear and thru 10 locks efficiently roped off the bow.  Meanwhile, Roger and Roy  managed to stay under the canopy and remain dry at the stern.

overfull canal Lock gates overflowing with the rain raised canal level, also note the hard working bow crew.

Along the way the we stopped at Commercy to buy a few essential provisions before continuing on to Pagny sur Meuse. 

An unusual sight along the way was this triple bridge immediately before a lock

three bridges

short tunnel no wide bridge How to hide from the rain, a short tunnel, no, more of a wide bridge

An overnight stop at Pagny sur Meuse, a small village with a landing with minimal facilities.

pagny sur meuse Tied up at Pagny

For those interested in espaliered fruit tress this pair of houses was spotted in Pagny.  The tree on the left is a pear and that on the right an apple.


Next morning we awoke to better conditions and set off for Toul.

Before we left we were visited by a school of fish who literally took a break and swam quietly alongside the boat (moored) for over an hour. There were over 25 of them that showed no sign of concern at our presence.  The largest would have been around 15 inches.


Our first adventure of the day was an encounter with our first and only tunnel.   This was about 800 – 900 metres long and about the same width as a lock.

bridge and tunnel 2 Bridge over canal with tunnel in background

tunnel entrance Tunnel entrance

the light at the end of Light at the end of the tunnel

On this stretch of the canal we were effectively going down hill for the first time.  This meant instead of entering an empty lock and being lifted we were now entering full locks and being lowered. The first lock we came to was the deepest we encountered, 6.9 metres.  So we went down in the lock by this depth.

lock full In the first lock

going down Going down

7 metres 6.9 metres down and time to exit


Arrived in Toul early afternoon after a string of 12 locks in the space of 15 kilometres.  This is where Romany will winter over and also where Roy & Bernice will disembark and make their way to Frankfurt to pick up the motor home.

2 Responses to “St Mihiel to Toul via Pagny sur Meuse”

  1. Alex Vannini Says:

    where is snow!?!

  2. Steve Says:

    Well we had our first non rain day in 55 days, so no sympathy for you lot.
    But hey, you can go to the patisserie and get those really nice breads and almond croissants – or are you sick of all the good food and hanker for a good old Big Ben Pie?

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