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Bavarian Alps

October 10, 2010

“High on a hill stood a  lonely goat…” was going over and over in my head today, especially as I went on the Tegelbergbahn – a cable car ride practically straight up a mountain.  But before we got there, we went into Fussen to have a wander around the town and to do a  little grocery shopping. Here we found a shop that only sold eggs and poultry, and various related products.  It transpires that the shop is only open two days a week so we bought some eggs and some egg noodles.  We will see if the eggs are as good as the Cochrane’s!  The rest of the shopping and sightseeing done, it looked as though the clouds were lifting so it was off to the said cable car ride, taking in the views of the two fairytale castles on the way.

legoman Snow spotted a friend outside a Lego shop so we took their photo together

Bernice went off up the mountain, and it must be said that the further up the ride, the more pictures were taken with one hand was firmly gripped to a  pole with the camera aimed out at the sights whilst blindly looking anywhere except down! But what an amazing view once at the top.  Way above the clouds below, the views across the lakes into Austria were unbelievable.  The views across the other side to the mountains beyond were just as awe inspiring. What was truly amazing was the number of people who had hiked up, and others who were hiking down….yes, some in traditional clothing and just about all carrying the seemingly obligatory nordic walking poles. Yodel-e-he-hoo! I cannot fully describe the views, and the pictures do not really give a true sense of the height and beauty either.

austria View into Austria

coming down Looking down from the top, only the one pylon between top and bottom.  Look very closely at the small cloud patch middle right and you can see the campervan

our campsite Lakes at the base of the mountain

our campsite 2 The settlement on the lake side is where the motorcamp is situated

down Emerging from the mist on the way down.

Back down to terra firma, and I must admit I was dreading the return ride but it was much less of a nailbiting experience than anticipated.  Met up with Roy to go and look at the Roman ruins which just  happen to be at the start of the gondola ride.

The ruins are of a Roman bath house.  It is well preserved without having been modified too much.  Parts, particularly the mosaics have been removed to local museums for preservation.

underfloor heating Underfloor heating system, nothing new in this world!


Then it was off just down the road to see the two famous castles – the Schloss Neuschwansten and the Schloss Hohenshwangau.  Arrived to find that the horse drawn buggy was only going to Hohenshwangau so we decided that was the one to go to.  After a ride through the forest we arrived at the castle.  Spectacular views spectacular construction, what can one say.  After spending some time looking around it was time to leave.  Roy decided to walk down and Bernice to catch the buggy.  The walk down was by a different path and was quite quick (probably less than fifteen minutes).  Waited at the bottom for the buggy.  After some time figured that the buggy had not gone up again so went to ask the driver what the story was.  Turns out they only go up if they fill the buggy!!!  To hell with anyone wanting to come down.  At this stage Bernice has been up there for 45 minutes.  So Roy walks briskly up the mountain again to the top, Bernice is nowhere to be seen, goes to edge to look down and there she is just emerging at the bottom, whistles out and contact is established, arm waving and Roy descends, reunion at bottom.  Noticed a little later, when we were in the car park, the two buggies on their way home, so there must have been other people at the top still waiting in hope!!

Two shots of  Hohenshwangau castle on the way up

 hoh 3

 hoh 1

arrival Arriving at the castle

courtyard fountain Fountain in the castle grounds

across to heuLooking across the valley to the Neuschwansten castle

neu 1 Close up of the above


This shot typifies the woods through which you progress to the castle.  Taken on the way down by a weary traveller

the walk down

On the way down this stack of wood was found.  A good lesson in how to stack firewood.


Home to camping ground, washing and dinner.  After dinner Roy went to collect washing and ran into two young people in the laundry speaking English.  Turns out they are kiwis from Hamilton and Palmerston North, Travis and Greta.  Also turns out they worked with Neil on Milford track!  So it was back to our motorhome for a few late night drinks and comparing tall stories.  Great to meet young people from home and definitely shows degrees of separation in New Zealand are small.

drinks Drinks all round

By the way the egg noodles were excellent will let you know about the eggs.

On the road again.

Up and about we were quickly organised ready to leave Schwangau, we gave Travis and Greta a ride into Fussen so they could continue on their way, fond farewells said and promises of hopefully catching up in Italy.

But where were we going?  we had no clue, so out with the maps, check the GPS and decide that we will make our way across country towards Stuttgart and then down through the Black Forest to somewhere!  Heidi was instructed to lead us on our way and we were off.  Today was a good day for travelling in some ways as there was very low cloud over much of the region therefore we were better to be on the move in such weather.  We stopped along the way for a bite to eat and then it was back on the road again to Baden-Baden where we thought we would quickly call in and check out the Info Centre for some details on the road through the Black Forest. On arrival we both decided that this may be a very nice spot to stay, so armed with information we headed to the parking platz.  Having established our position in amongst the other vans parked (yes Dad, there were lots of other vehicles!), we then caught the bus into the centre of town.  A very nice looking town too.

snow badenbaden Snow cooling off at the fountain in the main square

pointy head Found in a market, pointy head cabbage, good at maths?

Lets see what tomorrow brings.