And no, we don’t have a stutter! Up this morning and on the bus into town.  It seems as though Roy manages to take Bernice around the swanky shops to window shop on Sundays when the shops are shut!  But never to mind, we wandered the town to try and find the Information Centre but unfortunately it was closed but at least we got to see the lovely building in which it was housed.

exterior An exterior shot showing the portico each of the right hand segments contained a classical painting, painted directly on the wall.

painting 2


Then it was off for a coffee at a cafe which offers free wifi,  blog uploaded, news downloaded and then to try and find the right bus to take us to the Merkur Bergbahn, yes, another cable car up a steep slope overlooking Baden-Baden and the surrounding district.  This cable car ran on a rail track hauled up via cable – note to selves; we must look up the difference between gondola/cable car/funicular.  Bernice took the ride to the top whilst Roy very mindfully looked after Snow as he gets a little wobbly at the thought of heights!

rail 1Start of the ride up

rail 2 Through the tunnel before the steep ascent.

baden baden View of Baden-Baden

going down Start of descent


Back down again it was time to return to town to have a bite to eat and a wander through the lovely gardens through the centre of the town.   We also came across the museum displaying some interesting sculpture.

walk 1 Planters on a bridge

park 2 Autumn in the park

park 3 Joan Miro sculpture (C3PO?)park 4 Cable car ride terminus at the top of the hill in background

By this time it was mid afternoon, we had found out about some Roman Ruins that we thought we would visit and as they were only open in the afternoon from 3 until 4pm we need to time it carefully.  Above the ruins is a  “modern” spa bathing complex.  We did go for a quick visit but decided against participating today as it transpires that Sunday is a mixed day, the spa was over 3 hours and you have to be completely naked!  Although a massage was very tempting but at 102Euro for the two of us was being just a little extravagant.

Back to the ruins,  these are  of a Roman bathing house of much greater quality than the one we had seen in Schwangau.  Much better preserved and more detailed.  Well worth the visit.

roman 1 Heating ducts in the wall

round piles round support pillars

square piles square support pillars

Off for a stop at the cafe again to do a final check on email etc i.e. how the Silver Ferns are getting on at the Commonwealth Games!! 

On the way Snow spotted another friend so a picture was called for.

snow 1

He also spotted another friend but she was not quite his type!!!!

leading lady


That done it was off to catch the bus back to the Wohnmobile.   At the bus stop we met yet another kiwi, this one from Dunedin. Unfortunately our bus came along before we could establish whether he was also one of Neil’s friends!

Baden Baden has been a very pleasant surprise place to visit.

This last photo is just for Wally, need we say more?



2 Responses to “Baden-Baden”

  1. James Says:

    Well, since you asked… A gondola (in this sense) is a ty[pe of cable lift, which is to say a car suspended from a cable that is strung between two wheels housed in stations at either end of the cable, often with towers supporting the cable in between. A funicular is similar, insofar as the vehicle is pulled by a cable that is strung between two terminal stations, but in this case the car rides along a track. Funicular, it should go without saying, comes from the Latin word for “rope”, funis. An aerial tram is like a gondola, except that the car hangs from a stationary cable and is pulled by a separate cable. You can tell if you’re on a gondola or an aerial tram by counting the cables–if there’s just one, it’s a gondola, and if there are many, it’s an aerial tram.

  2. Bernice Says:

    Gee thanx James, that just confirms you definitely are a geek!!!

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