Round trip

We were up and off early this morning walking in to Sarlat from our dead quiet parking spot.  And we mean this literally as our near neighbour was the cemetery!

I should add here that after our sumptuous lunch yesterday, dinner last night was boiled eggs and toast with a cup of tea.

We sauntered into town to be completely spellbound by the stunning village we came across.  Every corner we turned we seemed to come across yet another jaw dropping scene.  We will let the pictures tell the story.

Started off walking down rather narrow streets, although they did lead to some nice relatively open squares and interesting courtyards

narrowNarrow street with delivery vehicles

courtyardLike this one with an arched exit to the next street

narrow streetBut they also led to even narrower streets!

leaningSome of the buildings had a tendency to lean into the streets

snow and the geeseOnce again, in these old towns, Snow found some friends

Bernice and doorSome of the doors were built for Bernice’s height

doors Whilst others were just ginormous

beehiveThis structure was behind the Cathedral and was describerd as “Lanterne des Mortes” and was built in the twelfth century

shades of florenceThis roof, again part of the rear of the Cathedral, was reminiscent of Florence

undercut cornerAn undercut street corner

HomeSnow even found a home for himself

book exchange An interesting find in the town were these book exchange boxes.  These were located at various sites and had a notice advising people to spread their unwanted books around for others to read.  The ones we saw were obviously used. (an idea for Altrusa to implement??)

By late morning we decided that we should be on our way so it was back to the van and meander off.  Not before calling in to trusty McD’s for our free wifi connection. Then we were off to Vezac to look at some stunning gardens that we had found in brochures.  Heidi was duly set and off we went.  We had been travelling for about 20 minutes when Roy decided that this did not seem right, so we stopped to check, sure enough, there were in fact three Vesac’s on the GPS list BUT not the one that we were after!!!! We were already on the way to Les Eyzies de Tayac Sereuil so we decided that we might as well continue.  Les Eyzies de Tayac Sereuil is the prehistoric centre. 

However, along the way we just had to stop when we saw a sign for Prehistoric Troglodyte Caves.  Off we wandered to find these caves, we could see them from a distance, however, you had to have a guide to take you up and into them.

cave dwellingFrom a distance all one could see were openings in the cliff face

That plan dashed, we were back on the road, for only probably another 3 or 4 minutes when we came along another area of Prehistoric Caves that were open at Grottes du Roc de Gazelle.

  exterior 2 The first impression from across the road.  This shows openings in the cliff face and walkways at the far left.

When we entered we found that the whole site had been created as animations, interpretive signage, sound, and models.  Very, very, well done and an ideal educational site.  It followed mans inhabitation of the site through the ages from pre historic through to Middle Ages through to recent times.

huntingHunters trying to hunt deer

artist at workArtist at work on a rock face

sharmanSharman’s cave

cavernInterior of the caves

exterior pathLooking out from one of the exterior walkways.  Note the campervan at left down in the car park.

looking downLookout point to across the valley, with van in foreground.

lookoutAnother view from outside the cave

At the end of the cave we were back in the trees.  In amongst the tress were various models of people going about tasks such as trapping, gathering firewood and keeping watch. 

quarryThere was also an old quarry with men using old implements.

Also in this area were automatons of prehistoric animals.


mammoth and rginoMammoths and Woolly Rhinocerous

mammothAnother mammoth

pigs And some live exhibits!!

Returning at the base of the cliff face we were directed through an area that had been home to people until the late 1960s

House entranceEntrance to a one room dwelling

bedInside bedding area

checking potsBernice checking what is for dinner


guest quartersGuest quarters

farm eqpt Also there was a large collection of old farm equipment

A couple of hours later, we headed back to the van very pleased with ourselves and our discovery.

The camera battery had now run out as well as the back up battery so it was time to head off and find some power. Although it was well after 3pm we thought that we would have lunch when we got to Les Eyzies de Tayac Sereuil when we could stop for the day. 

les 1 Buildings in the cliff face above the town

les 2                  

Hmmmm.  Another plan to go awry, no camping grounds open in town, but the Info Centre did say that there was one just 10 or 15 minutes away.  Off we trotted again.  Again to no avail.  By this time we were searching books and maps to try and find something suitable.  We really needed a powered site to recharge computers/batteries/phones.

geese 1However did manage to find some geese on the way

geese 2

After driving and searching we both came to the conclusion that we knew we could get a park in Sarlat for the night, and we knew that McD’s not only had free wifi but power points… get the drift?  Yes, we headed back for Sarlat, just 30 minutes away.  And lunch?  well, we forgot lunch today and settled on dinner instead. 

castleCastle spied on the way home

The weather has turned rather chilly all of a sudden as well.  So its time to wrap up, snuggle up and keep warm in our toasty van.

Here are some interesting shots along the way

duck 2Duck and goose in many forms …

duck… and many more (eat your heart out Alexandra, all that confit!)

delicaciesDelicacies of the sweet variety (all the above in Sarlat)

post man patReplacement for Post Man pat’s car seen in Sarlat.  Electric delivery vehicle used by French Post

quiltedLarge quilted? Xmas stocking each square approximately 2 feet square hanging from a tree in Sarlat (well actually it was strung from a wire frame in front of the tree)


And picture of the day has to be this cro-magnon couple!!!!

likely lot


6 Responses to “Round trip”

  1. Philippa Says:

    Well here I was trying to picture you two as primitive cave dwellers, but didn’t you say it had just turned cold? I wonder why!!! Next thing we know you’ll be visiting a naturist campervan park somewhere in the depths of Germany…..
    Pip 🙂

  2. Ruth de Bray Says:

    Keep eating the cheese, you are getting Too skinny !!
    Loving your travels but it is nice to be home

  3. helen Says:

    Wow you always leave the gastric juices flowing with your posts. Sounds fantastic.
    I agree could be a good thing to use some of the books collected in the Book Box. Could set something up in or near the Information centre. i’ll have a chat to rosemary and the Literacy Committee.
    love Helen

    • Bernice Says:

      Helen, the ones we saw were all in perspex which is a good idea so no possibility of stuffing “other” things in it. Near penguin colony would also be an idea for placement.

  4. Bernice Says:

    Thanx for the idea Pip!!!

  5. alex Says:

    i hope your bringing me some duck confit back with u!!

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