On the Move Again

Wednesday 1 December.

Snow still on the ground everywhere.  Decided we were getting far too comfortable in Paris, almost into a daily routine of up and off to the bus & Metro, then sightseeing, followed by our return to camp, a bite to eat and off for the walk to Suresnes then back to bed for the night.  A break in that routine was called for so we headed north ooops, forgetting that we are now in the northern hemisphere and north equals colder weather! Oh well, by the coast it cannot be too bad, or can it?

Found ourselves at Etaples where we came across the largest Commonwealth Military cemetery in France with over 12,000 graves, most from WWI.  We found a number of NZ’ers grave markers as there are over 260 NZ’ers buried there. A very, very sobering sight.

memorial Memorial overlooking cemetery

flags 2Detail of stone flags

row 2 Row …row … upon serried rowNew Zealand Grave markerA New Zealand marker

Into the town to stay for the night and then onto ??  We have read the weather reports and it seems no matter which way it is going to be snowy and chilly.  Therefore we will slowly head our way back to returning the van into Germany…only 8 days left in the van.

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