Woke this morning to steady snowfall, well, I suppose, it is to be expected after all it is winter!  We left Etaples around midday as the snowfall had ceased and the weather looked to be clearing so we thought we would head off and get as far as we could comfortably.   Main road driving only though, we are sticking to major highways.

white all overWhite all round, on the highway in Belgium

On the approach to Brugge there were a number of bridges over the Motorway.  At each end of the bridge there were what appeared to be Origami figures.  Each one was of a different sporting activity.  Unfortunately they were white and so photographing them proved quite difficult. Here are a couple of examples.

archer Archer

tennisTennis player

Another thing of note is that since we crossed into Belgium the land has been flat as a pancake.  Suspected we were at sea level for a long stretch so asked Heidi who promptly told us we were at -3 metres, so we were below sea level!!!! Interesting.

We arrived in Brugge (or Bruges) late afternoon with a heavy covering of snow on the ground.   Found the campsite and yay, it was open!  AND we are not the only silly buggers out and about in campervans.

camp 1view into the campsite

First things first though, Bernice insisted that we head off to the garage and get another gas bottle……..just in case!  So off we trotted and did just that.  Back to the camp ground to set ourselves up, in doing so we met some English people who told us about the Christmas markets here in Brugge and also that they took the train to Brussels for a day trip, so it looks as though we will stay here for another day or two and do something similar.   Meanwhile, back in the van, turned the heating on, which went for a few minutes and then stopped, after much reading of manuals and trying different things,  it was decided that perhaps the gas level was lower than the male member of the party thought, so change the bottle and guess what?  We have heat!  The female member of the party is not gloating or saying “I told you so”…but she is thinking it!!

Camp We are set up and warm!!!

So here we are camped in the snow.

M and B thought Mike and Bernadette might appreciate this photo, seem to remember a similar vehicle in Kurow.

We have just looked at news reports online and see that everywhere is pretty well snowbound.  By the end of the weekend and into next week it looks as though the weather will clear and warm a little so we should be OK to head back into Germany to return the van by this time next week.  Oh and apparently we had a ‘high’ of minus 4 today.


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