Day in Brugge

Off into the quaint town of Brugge this morning to check out the Christmas markets and the sights.  And yes, it was a tad on the chilly side. We even had difficulty getting water through the pipes in the van, but crank up the heating somewhat and it eventually started running.

First it was a short walk to the bus stop, along the snow covered streets.

solar panels covered in snowThese solar panels are not getting much sun!!

Roy at bus stopRoy at the bus stop

Into town, where in the middle of the main square there is an Ice Skating Rink set up.  And no, we did not have a go, we prefer to keep our limbs intact thank you! 

main square skatingSkating rink in the main square

Off around the market square to see what was on offer for sale, Bernice did indulge in buying a hat and no, it was not a fur one.  Most of the stalls seemed to be selling either food, clothing (hats, gloves, scarves) or Christmas decorations.  Then it was off to find somewhere warm to have a bite to eat.

These shots show the buildings around the square

main square 1Bars and restaurants

main square 3Municipal building

main square 2Council Chambers

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering the streets, and checking out all the Belgium chocolate shops, beer bars and some very cool deign ware stores. 

streetTypical back street

belgian beer The beer wall, yes it is a display case with all the beers of Belgium displayed.

iced streamLooked out a window in one of the passageways and saw the brasserie tables and the frozen stream.

ice boundDucks negotiating the partially frozen river.   Just missed a classic shot of a duck walking on the ice while his/her partner was swimming alongside.

         toward the spire Looking toward the spire of the church with the frozen river to one side.

We decided it was getting too chilly, and time to return to the van.  On looking up the local weather, at 3.50pm it was ā€“6C but apparently felt like ā€“11C according to the web site.  No wonder we were starting to feel a little cool!  We also read on the news that roads through Brittany and Normandy had come to a standstill and through Flanders the traffic was backed up 23kms.  We were obviously ahead of all that , thank goodness, and picked our travelling time well.  Lets hope we continue to do so.-


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