7th December.

This morning awoke to no gas and the heater not going.  Oops, very cold.  Out of the van and swap tanks, after going through the four tanks we have accumulated (don’t ask), we finally get about  three hours extra heat.  When the sun arises and the shops open off to get a refill.

Heat sorted now the day can start.  Breakfast, shower (in the best showers in a parking place we have come across) and decision time.  Where next? 

Finally decide on Cologne, sounds like it has a good Camping ground with all facilities, and it is open.  So off we go.  Seems like there has been less snow as we progress toward Cologne, or the sun has been out longer, or more rain to wash it away.  Arrive at the Camping ground to find snow still on the ground but not in the quantities we had at Aachen.  However, it had become compacted in places, particularly the roadways in the camp, to the point where it was very icy and slippery.

campground View of campground.

The campground is alongside the Rhine river with a continual procession of very large barges.

sizeThis one gives some idea of the size.  It is in two sections the front one having six full sized containers end to end four wide, two deep , a total of 48 containers.  The rear section has 40 containers.

emptyThis shot shows an empty barge. Note how it appears hinged in the middle between the two sections.

contrast And what a contrast, the empty barge is passed by a full barge going in the opposite direction, it looked to be loaded with coal.

There are many tracks in the snow, mostly dogs, but here is a wild animal responsible for a few of the tracks.

wild life

Settled in, time for housekeeping.

Tomorrow off to the Xmas markets and to have a look around Cologne.


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