Hail Weston

Monday 13th December

Up early as we went on the tube with Alex on her way to work.  We said our farewells as we then headed off to Kings Cross and to find a train to Hilda & Ken’s (Bernice’s cousin on the maternal side of the family) up in Hail Weston.  We were on the train by 10.20am and  in less than an hour we were being greeted off the train at St Neots by Ken.

We spent the rest of the day catching up and also attending to the mundane things such as laundry.

Tuesday 14th December

Another day relaxing in Hail Weston although we did venture into St Neots to partake in a little retail therapy.  Continued attending to the housekeeping/laundry tasks and generally relaxing and chatting.

Wednesday 15th December

Ahhh, relaxing with Hilda & Ken, its nice to stay still for a day or two.  Been catching up with family history and stories as well as contacting a few people regarding meeting up.  We have booked a hire car from Cambridge which we pick up tomorrow afternoon, first we will catch the bus from St Neots to Cambridge, have a look around Cambridge and probably check out a museum or two.  Then we are off towards Birmingham to meet up with some second cousins of Bernice (paternal relations).  Along the way we have discovered that we should really head through Melton Mowbray…yes Dad, we will sample a pork pie or two and report back…and also some Stilton.  We have to return the car on 21st, then it will be back here to Hail Weston for a night or two before we head back to London for Christmas with Alex, Fran and friends.  Plans from there on in are still being formulated!


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