Cambridge to Ashbourne via Sproxton

Thursday 16th December

Ken very kindly took us into St Neots to catch the bus.  We did not have long to wait for our bus, and we must say a very comfortable bus it was too, complete with leather seats and free wifi!  And all this for 2 pounds for the 30+minute trip.  We spent some time wandering the streets of Cambridge looking in shops and sheltering from the rain.  This is definitely on our list of ‘to return and spend some time in’ place.

angels Angels flying in the mall


Off for a bite to eat at Carluccio’s – very nice it was too – then on to the car rental place to pick up the car.

As we were waiting for the car, it started to snow!  Unfortunately there was no GPS available from the rental company so it was a quick trip down the road to buy one.  Note: We sold Heidi, our trusty European GPS, back to the van rental people as there were no NZ/Oz data available in that system.  Now we have a TomTom GPS which we have downloaded a NZ voice to tell us where to go, as the supplied voices were just plain horrid!  By now the snow was falling very heavily and steadily.

Off we ventured with the GPS coming well into its own as it was just after 4pm and already dark!  Onto to a little village just outside Melton Mowbray for the night and a stay at the Crown at Sproxton.  A quaint wee pub in a village that contained nothing else apart from a  few houses.  We booked into our room,  and a very pleasant room it was. 

pub room

Then off downstairs to the restaurant for dinner.  What a very pleasant surprise the dinner was, we should have realised as the restaurant was booked out as well.  The food was excellent, and the service attentive. Bernice had Duck Confit with Cassoulet followed by a wonderful tender rack of Lamb.  Roy had Onion Tart with Stilton followed by Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, all this washed down with a bottle of Rioja.

diningDining in the corner

wine roomWine rack within the restaurant

bang 2Prior to dinner we had crackers

bang 1Bernice appears to have a slight fear of this cracker.

confit duckConfit of duck

onion and stiltonOnion Tart with Stilton

lamb and vegLamb

Next morning the early riser took a walk around the village and took some shots of the scenery

The CrownThe Pub with snow around

outdorrsCourtyard off the dining room

morningSnow fields around the village with the sun just rising

Thurwell's horsesThurwell’s ponies are alive and well.


Friday 17th December.

After a good nights sleep, we headed back downstairs for breakfast, which again was very good and the service excellent. Off into Melton Mowbray to check out the village.  First we had to defrost the car. 

We found our way into the centre of Melton Mowbray, and had a quick wander around the town and of course had to try a Melton Mowbray Pie and some Stilton. 

From there we headed off over the pretty countryside, very Christmas Card looking with it all covered in snow.  


We ended up in Ashbourne at the start of the Peak District.  After a wander around the town we had found a number of interesting photo ops.

bears     A window full of bears

GeorgeSt George on the front of the George and Dragon in the main square.

 husbands  And finally a sign that Sal might well make use of!      

We located a B & B and settled ourselves in for the night.  However we had to brave the cold (the tempertaure had not gone above zero all day) down the road to the local pub for dinner,   which proved have excellent pub food.

Home to chosse a destination for tomorrow and a good nights sleep.


2 Responses to “Cambridge to Ashbourne via Sproxton”

  1. alex Says:

    The stilton on that tartlet looked a lot like goats cheese that they used at the middle house

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Happy Christmas Roy & Bernice – It is really strange reading about your adventures and now being in the UK for Christmas with all the snow – the month I left the UK there were huge snowdrifts and one of my last memories is following a snow plough home before I sold my car and left Cornwall – it took me so many years to get used to a NZ summer Christmas and now with glorious weather it is hard to remember those cold snowy Christmas times with carol singing, log fires, drinks down at the local pub and a hot dinner with the cold outside!!! Have a wonderful time with Alex and friends
    Love Lindsay & Wade

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