Boxing Day Crowds

Ok, so who’s idea was it to go into Oxford St on Boxing Day?  After  realising that the Tube was out of action due to some pathetic strike action by the drivers (no sympathy here mate), we headed to catch the bus. 

On the bus spotted a number of places where people were taking advantage of natural freezing by putting perishables on exterior window sills.

making use of freezing temperaturesKeeping cool.


But of course everyone else decided that they too wanted to get into town so the roads were a little jammed, shall we say.  We eventually got into town and got off at Oxford Circus, to join the throng.  (We found out later that apparently there were around 8000 people queued up to get into Selfridges alone!!).  We had intended getting to the London Eye, but that was clearly going to be an impossible task today.

We wandered off as best we could before we came across Liberty’s,  Bernice enjoyed her quick wander around this famous old store. 

liberty exterior Liberty exterior

liberty interior 1Interior

 Liberty interior   and again

birds 1 Decorative birds around the interior guard rails


Then it was off to Carnaby Street and to check out the shops there, before heading to Sacred, a New Zealand Cafe, for a spot of lunch and a Flat White! No, we did not have a taste of their Lolly Cake, Anzac Biscuit or Sausage Roll but yes, the coffee was damn good. 

Carnaby Street Carnaby Street

Then it was off for more wandering before deciding it was probably about time to head home.  Yes, well, that was the next exciting adventure.  After waiting over an hour for the bus that never came, we caught another bus to take us as far as Marble Arch so we could change and get the bus home. 

Xmas lights regent stXmas lights in Oxford Street

OMG, it was crazy, the buses were packed and in the end the drivers were passing stops as there were just so many people waiting it was insane.  We got off at Marble Arch and walked back down Edgware Rd to try and find a stop that would have our bus.  It seems that because of the crowds and the traffic et al, they re routed some of the buses (not that they were telling anyone).  We got on the right bus after starting out to catch that particular bus nearly two hours earlier.  Got home where we had a lovely dinner of Xmas Day leftovers, watched some television before heading off to sleep. 


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