Farewell 2010

31st December The fog had cleared slightly so we thought we would do some sightseeing on our way to our next destination which was a country pub just out of a wee town called Petworth.

Before we started managed to get a photo of a Romney ewe grazing on Romney Marsh

NOTE: This photo has been removed after expert advice, see comments

First stop was the very pretty town of Battle, where the famous Battle of Hastings took place in 1066.

Prior to reaching the Battle Abbey site we saw two very interesting shop displays.

HomesThe first was in a florist shop which sold all manner of homes for wild creatures.   Look carefully and you will see homes for bees, ladybirds, ants, birds etc.

tea potsThe next one was a display in a tearoom’s window.  Here were all manner of unusual teapots all of which were for sale.

After walking the length of the town we finally arrived at the Battle Abbey Gate.  We went for a walk around the site which was very interesting particularly as we had been to Bayeux and seen and heard the story in detail.

Battle Abbey Gate Battle Abbey Gate from the inside.

BattleView of the town from the interior of the gate.

Abbey Remains of the original Abbey

BattlefieldThis is the famous battle field where Harold was killed in 1066.  The Abbey was established by William on the hill site where the English were assembled for the battle.

HaroldThis plaque marks the spot where Harold is believed to have fallen.  Originally the high halter in the Abbey was placed directly above this spot.

ice houseAn interesting building still on the site was the ice house, described here in detail.

Inn outside battle Abbey GateOne of the original watering holes just outside the Abbey gates c1460

Next it was off to Eastbourne to experience the delights of pebble beaches in the winter!

Bognor RegisEastbourne

Eastbourne PierEastbourne pier

EastbourneThe building on the end of the pier

Then it was on to Beachy Head, but by the time we got there the whole place was shrouded in thick heavy fog, so we had a quick bite to eat before making our way to our Inn for the night.  We got as far as Petworth and had to ask for directions, as we had forgotten to write down the address of the Inn.  We were to discover that the Inn was actually a few miles away (miles here folks, not kilometres).  After wending our way through some very narrow country lanes we arrived at the Inn to find it closed with no one around!  It being after 4:30pm the whole area was pitch black, so we were not entirely sure where we were.  We rang the pub number and could hear the phone ringing inside but with no reply,  we left a message, hopped back into the car and were heading back towards Petworth when the phone went.  It was the landlord, he had just popped out for a few minutes and was now back at the pub.  Around we turned.  We must add here that when we booked we were told that there were no meals available for New Years Eve and New Years Day as the pub was closed at night for those two nights, we were ok with that.  We were let into the pub and into our room.  We had picked up some nibbles earlier in the day which sufficed for dinner, which went nicely with the drinks the landlord gave us plus the coffee from the Nespresso machine in our room.

We settled in for the night, by around 7.30pm Bernice was sure she could hear someone knocking on a door somewhere, and someone calling out.  We poked our head out of our first floor window to find another couple trying to book in.  We let them in and rang the landlord.  On chatting with the couple, we detected a Kiwi accent and sure enough, she was a Kiwi and her partner English.  We invited them into our room to wait for the landlord to arrive, on chatting it turns out that they are getting married in New Zealand in February in the Wairarapa, and they will be staying at Longwood Lodge with our good friend Garrick & Marguerite!!  Small World.


One Response to “Farewell 2010”

  1. Donald Says:

    Easy to see that you are not farmers. Romney Marsh sheep don’t have brown faces. You don’t have to worry about crowded beaches!!.

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