Padstow to Aylburton

Today we started to wend our way north to visit relations on both sides of the family. 

Before leaving Padstow we took the opportunity to add some more photos to our collection.

view 2view from the Hotel room down to the harbour.

Rick SteinRick Stein’s restaurant with our hotel. Metropole in the background.

There were a number of different fishing boat styles  in the harbour.

boat 3Three different

boat 2  The smallest one on the right

 boat4 The large on in the middle.  This is an interesting shape as it has a square bow.


boat 4  Large very tubby boat

repairing pots  Repairing pots     

Finally on the road we headed toward Delabole and then on to Tintagel.   As soon as we set off the rain started, at first not heavy, just persistent.  We got to Delabole but the rain was too heavy to bother to leave the car, so on we went to Tintagel.

Here we did mange to get at least a view of the castle remains, but not quite the close up we would have liked.

tintagel 1Overview

tintagelRight portion

tintagel 3Left portion

camelotAnd the more modern hotel built on the point opposite the castle. Named Camelot

At this point re-planning was in order.  There was no way we were going to spend the day in and out of the car in the rain.  We also wanted to get to Bream for a Saturday meeting with distant relations of Roy.  So we decided to cut our losses and make straight for Aylburton where we had booked accommodation for the night.

It was a relatively straight forward run on good wide roads and ultimately on motorways, but at no stage could we shake off the rain.  Finally across the Severn Bridge then a very short drive through Wales to finally end our journey at Aylburton.

bridge 2Crossing the Severn bridge

bridge 1View of the bridge from river level.  This was largely the view for most of the day!

Short and sweet for the day, not one of the better ones as far as weather is concerned.  But we have had a very good run so far so should not complain  Hope the weather lifts for tomorrow and a little granny hunting.


One Response to “Padstow to Aylburton”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Ah, you have been to many of my old haunts – the chap I was suposed to go back to Cornwall came from Rock – opposite Padstow – have spent many a night at shows at the Minack – had a memorable night just before Christmas at the pub at Mousehole – stunningly beautiful with the lights, the singing and the warmth of the pub in winter …..and so I could go on!! Here it is sweltering weather and Wade and I are enjoying boogie boarding at Raglan!!!
    Love to you both
    Lindsay x

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