Wednesday 12th January

Happy 5th Birthday Rose! Love from Grandad, Bernice & Snow.

After a lovely nights sleep, we headed off by train into Edinburgh for the day.

beachView of Kinghorn beach from the train station

First stop was a walk up the hill to the castle, but just along the way we happened to walk past a Whisky Tasting place.  We could not really walk past it, so we headed in.  They run tours so we joined up for one to learn how whisky is made, the history of it all plus a wee tasting.  Its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

whiskey galoreBernice alongside a wall of whisky.  This is part of the collection of over 3,000 different bottles of whisky collected by a Brazilian and displayed at the Whisky Experience

more whiskeyWhisky to be served to the punters

It was a very well done, and was a good way to spend an hour and a half.  We then headed up to the Castle for a quick look around and then back down the hill.

entranceThe entrance to the castle

castle entranceThe top of the parade ground in front of the castle

parade groundThe parade ground where the Edinburgh tattoo is held.  Surprisingly small and also on a slope, certainly not waht was expected.

looking down Looking down on snow covered slopes from the castle wall

We called in to Parliament Square as this was where someone famous was supposed to have been buried and whose grave is somewhere in the car park.  A very nice gentlemen came to our rescue and told us exactly where to look, but it turns out that John Knox has been reburied in a  much better environment.

knoxThe marker in Parliament Square where John Knox was buried.

Then it was off to St Giles church for a quick peruse and then a walk down Kings Mile before heading back to the train station for our return journey.

advocatesA number of narrow allies called closes lead off the street.  these generally lead to an area behind the street front buildings where there are accommodation buildings.

closeThey often have unusual names.  It seems that these are related to the original street front buildings which they ran alongside.

boer warOn the bridge linking the old and new parts of the city there is this memorial to soldiers killed in the Crimea and Boer wars.

gargoyleFound the inevitable gargoyles

dont know

horseand this statue in front of the city administration building

For some reason the train we wanted to catch was cancelled, not once, but three times, so over an hour was spent at the station waiting.  We finally got on the train to return to Carol & Andrew’s as we were to be heading out for a Scottish High Tea.

The Scottish High tea is something quite unusual, first you get given a plate of toast with jams etc along with your cups of tea, this is then followed by a main course of your choice (Roast Beef etc) which is then followed by a plate of cakes and scones!.  Quite different and not what was expected.

Back home to relax and catch up with things before planning tomorrows schedule.


3 Responses to “Edinburgh”

  1. Bella Says:

    We had a great time when visiting Edinburgh one August during the fringe festival. One thing I remember is our continental friends searching for pools of weak summer sunlight to stand in whilst queuing. I can only imagine how dark and cold it must in winter.

  2. Mike Says:

    Well you were warned that the trains could be cancelled :).
    When we were there we only had one cancelled so it seems that nothing much has changed. You probably went to Kingswood Hotel for high tea? That’s the one we went to with Betty, Carol & Andrew.

  3. Bernice Says:

    Yep, that’s the one Mike! And of all our travels this was the first time we have encountered anything but scheduled trains.

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