Lake District

Monday 10th January

Set off in the morning from Newcastle-under-Lyme (near Stoke on Trent) and set off for…..Blackpool!!  Oh dear, what a totally depressing place,  we cannot understand how or why anyone would want to spend any time there.  It was completely tacky.  The pictures tell it all.

blackpool 2Typical beachfront buildings

blackpoolThe uplifting interior of one such

blackpool 1One would have to consider the sign to be false advertising

blackpool illuminand the illuminations were not at all bright.

blackpool tower and pierHowever the tower stood firm

From there we headed to Morecombe to see if there seaside resort was any better there, well, in some ways it was a little, as it did not have the huge numbers of tacky “entertainment” arcades and shops.  Of course the weather was not helping as it was bitterly cold and raining which may have coloured our judgement, but only a little!

morecomb 1Morecombe

On to Windermere in the Lake District, by the time we arrived in Windermere, the sides of the roads were piled high with slushy snow.  We got to our B&B (the Woodlands) where we were very warmly greeted and shown to our lovely room. The nicest B&B we have been in so far, extremely well appointed with thoughtful additions.  We were given good recommendations for our evening meal so off we trotted to a very unprepossessing establishment for dinner, and what a wonderful dinner it was.  Very simple, but well done.  Back to the Woodlands for a very good nights sleep.

woodlandsBedroom at Woodland


Tuesday 11th January

By far the nicest breakfast we have been offered in a B&B  was laid out for us this morning.  Such a pleasant change from being offered the usual shop bought cereals.  Here we had choices of muesli and oats, cereals with separate bowls of dried fruits, toasted and plain nut mixtures and a lovely seed mix along with fresh fruit and lovely bottled fruits.  All laid out very nicely as well.  After a good start to the day we were off to view the Lakes and surrounds.  What can we say except that it is a stunning region and we would love to have spent more time there.  We were also very fortunate that the weather was glorious and with fresh snow on the hills it was very picturesque.

windermereLooking along Lake Windermere

stream and bridgeTypical stone bridge and stream

dove cottageWordsworth’s house Dove Cottage, unfortunately closed.

reflections in windermereReflections

roof linesTypical slate rooves and stone walls

rock wallsand stone walls in on the hills

townendand what do we find but this lot turning up in the middle of the Lake district

So off to Edinburgh, or Kinghorn to be precise, we headed.  A brief stop in Carlisle and a look at the old castle and on we went. 

carlyle Castle ruins in Carlyle

We did make a wee detour to visit some roman ruins but although they were signposted at each end of the road, they were not signposted where they were along the road.  Never mind, continue on.  We had hoped to head towards our destination via Biggar as it is supposed to be a nice scenic drive, however, the road was closed due to the heavy snow so it was back onto the motorway.  But we did stop at Gretna Green for petrol!

scotlandScottish countryside

scotland 2looking very picturesque and somewhat cool

We arrived in Kinghorn, which is opposite Edinburgh on the entrance to the Forth Firth and were warmly greeted by cousin Carol and her husband Andrew.

forth bridge the Forth bridge

We settled in for the evening reminiscing over lots of old photo albums and tales being told. 

2 Responses to “Lake District”

  1. Jan Davis Says:

    Now is the time to wish you both a good Scottish new year from Ron and Jan. Have been following tour travels with much interest and enjoyment. A proper Christmas with all the postcard trimmings – Wow!! We are impressed. Hope that you enjoy Scotland as much as the rest of the northern places that you have visited. We are well but nothing much has happened here – however, Australia – particularly Brisbane and maybe the Sydney area are a bit waterlogged and damp.
    All the best – love to you both J&R.

  2. Laura & Mike Henderson Says:

    Hmmm… Nice travel diary. Of particular interest was your trip to the Lakes District. It is truly beautiful there in Beatrix Potter country. Of course the little historic places which are preserved in her memory are certainly special. Laura, Meryl, Nina and I spent a month over there away back when and stayed in a place called Pilling where Laura has relatives. Late at night we did like the Blackpool lights; the place was lit up like a Christmas tree but other than that…just as you stated. Did you see the little settlement “Once Brewed”? Also, a couple of miles later there is “Twice Brewed”. Just a little distance from the Roman ruins which you wrote about that you missed. Mind you, we were soooo lucky with the weather as Angleterre turned it on so well for us.
    Keep the news coming and “Toodle-oo.” for now.

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