Scarborough and Yorkshire

Saturday 15th January

The view from our room overlooking Scarborough was what we woke to this morning.   After breakfast it was off around Scarborough to look at a few places where Grandparents had lived and of course look at the beach.

scarborough 1Along the north beach


beachLooking down from our room

sherwood 2Sherwood Street

sherwood st16 Sherwood Street

scarborough2Harbour side Scarborough

the frontHarbour front

the front 2further round from Harbour

Then it was onto Bridlington, Reighton Gap and Filey all of which were places that family had lived and also where we had holidayed.  Now the “caravan” parks are full of static holiday homes…by the thousands!

ReightonSign outside caravan park

holiday huts at Reighton“Caravans” as far as the eye can see

Off over a part of the Yorkshire Moors where this photo was taken….”On Yorkshire Moor bar ‘tat” 

bart at

Next stop was York, where the famous Minster is located and the central part of the town in surrounded by a wall.  We also wandered through the Shambles area and took in the sights and sounds and tastes.  Roy did find jam tart in a bakery but apparently they are not as good as Mums!

york gateGate in wall.

york wallThe walkway at the top of the wall

ouse 2  River Ouse

shamb;es 3 Shamblesshambles 2Little Shambles

shambles 3With a sagging belly or “a right shambles”

From there it was on to Pontefract, the town where Bernice was born and to visit the house where she lived with her family.

hilburn 2Hil Burn

By this time it was exceptionally windy so we decided to make a run for it and head south.  We had to call in to Hilda & Ken’s to pick up bits we had left behind.

Bernice and HildaBernice and Hilda

 the team  Roy, Bernice, Hilda and Ken

Then on to Bedford for the night.  Staying at The Embankment which is a lovely pub with great food and fabulous rooms.  We are off to London tomorrow where we will remain for the rest of our time in the UK.  Only 12 more sleeps until we fly out to Hong Kong!  Where has the last six months gone? Oh yes, read the blog from the start you will see.


One Response to “Scarborough and Yorkshire”

  1. sue & jeff Says:

    thanks for the memories, and visiting the old haunts
    have a good few final days in the UK.
    jeff gets the gold card on thursday YEHHHHHH

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