Cheerio Old Blighty

Thursday 27th January 2011

Time to pack up and leave our lovely apartment in Greenwich, with bags in tow we headed for the DLR (Dockland Light Rail) then onto the Tube toward Kings Cross.  It was here that we were going to meet up with Alex as she had flown in from Iceland.  Roy and Bernice placed their luggage into storage at the station so that we could be unencumbered for the day.

After meeting Alex we headed across the road to Carluccio’s for lunch and a catch up. 

Snow and Blue Snow met Blue , a bear Alexandra brought back from Iceland

Then it was time to say farewell so that Alex could get home and we could get our last minute fix of London.  The weather had turned rather chilly with even a few snow flakes falling so it was not great weather for wandering around.  Late afternoon we called it quits and headed off to Heathrow.

meccano on a grand scaleFrance may own Meccano now, but the builders of London are still producing buildings using Meccano techniques.

At Heathrow we checked ourselves in and had a lovely check-in person who changed our seating so that we could have a centre row of three seats to ourselves.  It was not too long before it was time to board, we got nicely settled into our seats when an announcement came over the PA that our flight departure was delayed as some of the crew had got stuck in traffic getting to the airport. It did not seem too long before engines were started, but then came another announcement that a cargo door was not closing properly so they were waiting on engineers to arrive to fix it….we finally got underway just over 2 hours after scheduled takeoff.  An uneventful flight for the rest of the trip and landed in Hong Kong. 

 wright bros Wright brothers in Hong Kong airport

What an amazing efficient airport Hong Kong is, from the subway that takes you from your arrival to the luggage collection area and customs to the general size of the place.  We were met by our transfer person who took us through what seemed like many floors and many miles to get to the bus.  Then we took off for the hour long trip to our hotel (we were the last to be dropped off of course!) in Kowloon soaking in the evening sights of Hong Kong.  It was into our room, dump the luggage, head downstairs for a quick bite to eat before heading back to our room for a decent nights sleep.  (Of course it was now Friday night!).  


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