A week of it

Tuesday 8th March

Off to get a quote on the electrics plus much more this morning, then it was back to Sulphur Point and in with the other campervans for the day.  After spending some time trying to find the necessary bits and pieces we need for everyday living, it was time for more visitors. 

First Jenna (niece) and her partner Chris arrived, followed not long after by Keith (Jenna’s dad).  After lots of catching up Keith and Roy went off to the Fish Market to get fresh fish and chips for dinner.  MMmmm, fresh snapper, it was delicious.

Just as we were finishing dinner Rachel (niece), husband Deon and children Jaime and Josh arrived, so it was a good family catch up.

SulphurMotorhome at Sulphur Point

 liner Liner tied up at Mount Maunganui opposite Sulphur Point

Wednesday 9th March

Jenna lent us her car for the day so we could go and get more jobs done.  That somewhat achieved, we spent some time chatting to fellow “full timers”.  These motorhome people are terribly friendly and helpful, we had a visit from another couple who were checking out the parking facilities, they will join us all tomorrow.  We ended the day having dinner with David and Sharman, the couple we had met previously.  A lovely evening was spent.

Thursday 10th March

More shopping, or realistically spending most of the day trouping from one shop to another trying to find the one elusive thing that we had left on our shopping list.  Brian and Marjorie moved in today, more full timers and we were quickly invited in to have a look at their bus.  Hmmm, lots of ideas and food for thought as to what we could do with our vehicle.

Jenna and Chris came for a BBQ dinner…..to try out the new BBQ.  delicious!

first bbq

Friday 11th March

More wandering around in ever decreasing circles, very kindly chauffeured around Tauranga by Jenna.  Back to get the quote for the work on the vehicle and a final decision was quickly made.  We are going with Absolute Power from Clevedon, their customer service sold it to us.  The van is now booked in for the week of the 21st March.

We have been endowed with much knowledge from fellow motorhomers, one important piece of information was the fact that Happy Hour was every afternoon at 4.30, rules being; you must take your own drinks and glasses, take your own chair and leave at 5.30pm!!   Today we hosted our first Happy Hour, with much discussion and laughter and information given.


  first happy hourHappy hour at the Vannini’s

The excitement for the day, if you can call it that, was the news of the earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami.  After a few phone calls from concerned family members and a visit from Jenna and Rebekka, we decided to move to higher ground and get a good nights sleep.  So it was off to the dump station, fill up with water, empty the waste tanks and off to safe parking at the Greerton RSA and get a good nights sleep.  A few of our fellow motorhomers also debunked.

Saturday 12th March

This morning we returned to Sulphur Point and were waiting for Keith and the girls when Roy looked out the window to see on of the small tsunami waves making its way up the harbour.

small tsunami waveAll of 10cm high, pushing a brown scum in front of it.

Today we were taking our van to Keith’s farm near Matata to leave for a couple of nights whilst we borrowed Jenna’s car and head back to Auckland for a meet up with Sue and Martin.

Having dropped off the motorhome we drove back to Auckland to stay with Steve and Les.

Sunday 13th March

Happy Anniversary – Yes, its our 29th wedding Anniversary.

typical new zealand beachTypical beach cliff scene Browns Bay

Roy took off early this morning for a walk along Browns Bay.  Got some good photos and had walked the length of the beach and return, then it was time to go back.  Got to car and found that the car keys had slipped out of a hole in his pocket at some stage in the past hour and a half.  Much consternation and then a retracing of steps at a much faster pace.  Finally found them within ten metres of the car, buried in the sand where dogs and people had walked onto the beach, all that was evident was a blue tag Bernice had attached to them the night before just showing above the sand.  Phew!!! Crisis averted.

mushroomsLeslie’s mushrooms among the sprouts

Off to the markets this morning, and a day spent putting together some lovely food ready for a BBQ  tonight as cousin Sue & Martin from the UK were coming to visit.

sue and martinSue and Martin (not sure what happened to the lighting)

CoathamsThe Coathams Sue, Steve and Bernice


Monday 14th March

Roy had a hearing check this morning, then it was back on the road to Tauranga.  Arrived back to find that Rebekka had had a car accident, so she was not feeling too well.  Luckily, apart from some whiplash, she is fine.  Bernice’s sister Hilary was there as was sister-in-law Trish.  More family catch up time.

Off to Keith’s to pick up the van and then on down the road to brother John’s for the night and more family catch up with Trish, Jenny & Julie.

A lovely night. Great to see them all especially the girls who have grown into young ladies since we had last seen them.

Tuesday 15th March

Another catch up, this time  with Brian and Robin Boocock (friends from a few years ago) then off back down the road to a lovely park up spot along from Matata at Otamarakau.  Tonight we hosted a family BBQ.  And damn good it was too. 

otamarakauPOP entrance

matataSet up and relaxing

matata northThe beach to the North …

matata south… and to the South

Notice the crowds? Nope, nor did we!

Wednesday 16th March

A day spent at Otamarakau resting and relaxing, oh and also catching up with the blog! 

sunriseSunrise at Otamarakau


3 Responses to “A week of it”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Great to see that Roy is walking, but better still is Bernice’s organisation, where would you be without the blue tag on the keys. The new home looks great can’t wait for you to make it south and host a happy hour – I don’t think your southern mates live by rules so don’t expect us to abide by the 5.30 rule – we will probably think you meant 5.30am.
    Keep up the blog.

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    […] about living full time on the road including happy hour etiquette which you can read about here.  However this time I neglected to take a single picture of us together, I must have spent too […]

  3. Family reconnections | The Vanninis' Manoeuvres Says:

    […] Sue’s father and my father are cousins which means I’m getting to visit cousins on both sides of the family. We had also met up with Sue and her sister Veronica last time we were here, and as well Sue and her husband Martin had visited us in NZ in 2011. […]

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