Kahawai and Kaiaua

Thursday 17th March

Roy went for his usual wander along the beach last evening, only to return with a decent sized Kahawai.  Apparently he had got talking to a couple who had a long line out.  They had launched it using a “torpedo”, an electric tow vehicle that they launched from the beach.  The line was out some 750 metres with 25 hooks. Roy helped bring the line in, and was duly rewarded. 


They had bled the fish, and it did not take long to fillet the fish, mmmmm, fresh fish for dinner (Yes John, we know you only use this fish for bait, but some of us do not have that luxury!!).  It was from the sea and onto our plates in less that 45 minutes.  Oh, and thanx John for introducing us to the Tempura batter mix – made by Milligans from Oamaru no less!!  And yes, it was delicious and there is enough left over for dinner tonight.

breakingDumping surf in the early morning.

We left Otamarakau by 9am this morning and headed first to Tauranga to the airport, where we knew that they had a good dump station.  Duly emptied all the tanks, topped up the fresh water and continued on our way to Kaiaua.

Stopped for a break, and a trip to McDonalds for internet, at Paeroa.  Also got a couple of pies for lunch from a very good source called Roast, we have hankered for a pie since returning from overseas!  We carried on to the bridge just north of Paeroa and relaxed beside the river.

There was an interesting stage built at the side of the river giving boat access.  It looked very well built and on closer inspection it was not only well built but also well protected.

stageThe stage

Obviously the builders did not want their efforts dismantled as every stainless steel bolt used to secure the stage has had the nut spot welded to the bolt. No one will take away any of the timber in a hurry!


Having arrived in Kaiaua we have parked along the shore (with another 21 vans and more arriving!) with the sea washing up only a mere 3-4 metres from our door.  A very stark difference in beaches.  We left a long sandy surf beach with dunes and dumping surf and have arrived at a very tidal, shell beach with minimal waves.  There is a marked contrast in fishing with Torpedos and surf casting at Otamarakau, compared with set nets put out at low tide and dragged in after high tide here in the Firth of Thames.

kaiauaParked on the edge

outlookView from the windowlooking backLooking back.

Some people pay millions of dollars for real estate like this!  Bliss.


3 Responses to “Kahawai and Kaiaua”

  1. Laura & Mike Henderson Says:

    Hmmm… I do not suppose that either of you remembered to pack the game boy, the x-box or the Wii set? How dull it must be – to be on holiday without these important items to offset the compounding boredom of holidaying, fresh kahawai, wonderfully fresh air, awe inspiring scenery, relaxation, travelling, etc, etc, etc, blah…blah…blah…
    Toodle-oo, Laura and Mike.

  2. centrepassoff Says:

    Can I move back now??

  3. rkvannini Says:

    the answer to all the above is …..NO! But you can visit Alex!

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