We have the power

Thursday 31 March
Today we left Steve and Les’ for good! we went to stay with them for a week or so, and it ended up nearly two months! We cannot thank them enough for their generosity, friendship, laughs, food, oh and the odd wine or two, or three, or four!
Antony took us out to Clevedon to pick up the van, which has had a major power overhaul. We now have two more large solar panels, four new house batteries, new lights, new cabling, new fan/vent, inverters, thingy to make the TV’s work, oh and lots of other bits and pieces. What it all means is that we have loads of power and we can be totally independent. We must also thank Steve & Veronica at Absolute Power for their amazing work, done with such care and attention, we can highly recommend them.
After Antony dropped us off, we headed towards Manukau to get a small chip in the windscreen checked (its all OK), then it was off to the supermarket to stock up the larder before heading to Ambury Park, one of the ARA parks in Manuaku. Here we settled in for the evening, before getting our first visitors. Bill & Estelle came to visit, after a cuppa and a catch up it was time for them to fight the traffic back to their home. Steve was next – he was delivering some of our gear that would not fit in Ants car, then Ants arrived. Steve was soon on his way, before Jacky & Chris arrrived bearing a wonderful beef casserole and a lemon meringue pie. Bill & Linda arrived shortly after, with a few veggies thrown into the pots, and a sharing of our meagre cutlery and plates, a lovely dinner was shared.
Guests left, dishes done, everything tidied and time to relax.
Tomorrow we start our journey south, Hmailton is the first port of call then…….well, we are working on the rest. But watch out, we could be rolling into a town near you soon!

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