Saturday dawned rather overcast and then proceeded to start to drizzle.  Decided it was time for a change so out with the maps and plotting a route.  Also faced a need for water and dumping of waste.  Decided that we would head home via the Lakes so the next port of call was to be Fairlie where there was a POP suitable for large vehicles and a public dump station.

Turned off SH 1 at Orari and made our way through Gapes Valley, Beautiful Valley and Cattle Valley to arrive in Fairllie.  Arrived to a light drizzle, but found an excellent dump and fresh water (amazing the change in ones life and the accompanying change of priorities.  Who would have thought that dumps and fresh water would become items of major importance!!!).  Phoned the POP and were advised with the amount of rain they had had they could not provide hard ground for a large motorhome.  Time to rethink.

Found there was free parking around about Tekapo and through the canals so we headed off to Tekapo.  Arrived in time for lunch at the end of the Lake.


Then proceeded up the east side of the Lake but everywhere we thought looked a good spot had no camping signs so gave that away.  No camping in Tekapo itself so then had a look at Lake Alexandrina but the entrance appeared a little narrow and also soft.  So the next port of call has to be the Tekapo canal.  But again we were thwarted, as the first part of the canal from the foot of the Lake to the intersect with SH8 was closed, so we headed for the second section from SH8 to Lake Pukaki.  At last we found a spot to camp. 

It was alongside the first bridge across the canal and provided room to be off the road onto hard ground.   Peace and quiet, the canal road had a minimal amount of traffic with long periods of solitude.  The weather had improved, the sky was clouded over, but no rain or wind.    

parked tekapo canalCamped beside the canal


officeOffice set up and running so work can go on. 

The next day we were treated to the sight of Merino sheep being moved across the road from one side of the property to the other.  They were ewes being moved down to better grazing prior to the rams arriving next month.  A mob of about 2,500 was shepherded across with the canal road being shut off temporarily.

sheepThe mob making it’s way across the canal

across Across the road

merino Safely on the other side

A further mob of around 500 was moved the next morning.  We had a further day of overcast conditions but not cold or windy.  Managed to get some work done and tidied up the motorhome somewhat.

Overnight we had had almost continuous rain, not heavy but just persistent. Next morning we decided to move on.   Heading toward Twizel to do laundry and get supplies.  Made our way along the canal then down to Twizel.  No luck with laundry facilities there, so back along the north side of Pukaki where we found a nice wee spot to park. 

parkedParked up on the edge of the Lake…

mt cook…with a fine view of Mt Cook

  clouds    Evening clouds over the Lake

evening falls Last of the evening sun reflected on a vapour trail above all the cloud  


 moon    and the moon reflects in the Lake 

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