After leaving our lovely parking spot beside Lake Pukaki, we headed toward Twizel as we really needed to get some washing done and to power up, as shock-horror, we were down to 50% power!!Hmm, 50% full or 50% empty?  depends on your viewpoint!  A pleasant 24hrs was spent at the Twizel camp ground catching up with chores and refuelling ourselves as well as the batteries.

That done, we headed off from Twizel through Oamarama and decided to see if we could find a nice spot alongside Lake Benmore. 

lake ohauOn the way, a side track to Lake Ohau

the Canterbury Otago divideThe old boundary between Canterbury and Otago

We found a delightful spot where by the end of the afternoon a couple more campers joined us.  We thought that we would stay here for a couple of nights to rest and relax.  Bernice decided that she would have a go at using the motorhome oven to bake some bread.  The baking event turned out to be a great success except that the bread had a very flat top as the space in the oven is such that the top of the loaf sat along the top of the oven, hence the need to replace the said oven! 

beside BenmoreParked at Benmore early morning

The following day, we had a call from Anne & Paul who decided that they would love a drive up to Benmore to visit for lunch.  As it was a grey old day, Bernice made a lovely Leek & Potato soup to go with the wholeseed bread made the day before, as well as a batch of delicious Lemon muffins with a surprise cream cheese centre.  After lunch, we thought that it was the perfect sort of a day to have a game or two of Sequence.  After a few hours playing and laughing lots, let us just say that the women proved to be totally unbeatable!

Thursday morning dawned and it was timely to head back to Oamaru, although we had to fight the gale force winds all along the valley.  Friday, and Steve & Les were due to arrive bringing with them their grandchildren Ben & Asher for a visit to see their Great Grandparents.

They duly arrived and the next couple of days were spent trying to keep up with Ben & Ash.

A morning visit to great grandpop and great grandma with a compulsory ride around the house

the team Saturday afternoon in the Oamaru Gardens

  The brains trust trying to install a T-stick despite the wonderful!!??? support of Telecom.

A lot of laughs were had, but before too long it was time for them to all return to Auckland. 

We are now imposing ourselves on Mike & Ann for the next wee while, whilst we get a few bits & pieces sorted including; accounts, business, banks, and motorhome refurbishments.  The latter is all organised and the van goes into the workshop on Monday 13th June.  We just have to sort out choosing of colours, materials etc as well as a new oven!!! Oh and the other thing on the “to do” list is to find a vehicle to tow along behind us.  Watch this space.

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