Netball, zoo and other things

The last two days have been netball packed, and for those of you who have been watching on Telly… Hope you have seen us. Have had a few reports of sightings. Yesterday whilst waiting on the silver ferns to play, a camera crew from ESPN came and sat in a spare seat next to Alex who got interviewed for a tv show of the netball! If anyone saw this let us know how it turned out (was only slightly embarrassed!).
The netball just got better for us yesterday, with another run of the whole team and some outstanding turn outs from some of the newer girls, Anna Thompson was particularly outstanding. She is a different player from the one mum and I saw 6months ago in London that’s for sure.

We had to leave early into the Australian game yesterday as we had a trip booked to go on the night safari at the Singapore zoo. After waiting about half an hour for a couple of no shows for the trip, we got under way. We hopped onto the zoo tram once we got there which took us around all the different parts of the zoo. First stop off was the leopard walk where we saw leopards, golden cats, porcupines and lots of others. There were even areas where we had flying squirrels flying over our head and another area with bats flying almost at us. Fair to say we got out of that area fast.
Then we got back on to continue our tram ride past the giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinos and so many more animals. It’s amazing how many are up and about at night time. Great idea Singapore zoo!

Alex with a friend at the zoo. No other zoo photos as you could not use a flash, and the resulting photos were too dark!

Today was full of netball. The day started off great, at breakfast I got asked what school I go to! Yes the lady meant high school! For secrets to anti aging, please go to and place your order for first easy installment of $1,000 for your information and starter pack. (Mum says it’s her anti aging, youth defying genes – yeah right).

The netball started off well with an exciting match Northern Ireland vs Samoa, this is the game that we hear we were noticed on the TV, seated in the stands, which was probably not hard to do as we were the only ones in the NZ supporters section of the stands!!!! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. The next game was Fiji vs Wales, Fiji managing to snatch victory from Wales. NZ played and again were on fire. It’s good to finally see them mix it up a little with their line up and enjoying playing. It is also great to be part of such a huge NZ contingent and was particularly moving when we got to sing our national anthem at yesterday game.

Team singing national anthem.

Some members of the crowd are very adept at getting the rest of us singing and chanting which all adds to the wonderful atmosphere. Although it must be said that some of the chants that they get going are just a little too complex for some of the “older” members of the touring party!

Crowd scene from within the crowd.

Thursday is playoff for the lower places in the tournament so we are taking the day off from netball, Bernice is going to spend the day catching up with a few chores, some shopping, and generally have a relaxing day. Alex meanwhile is heading out to Universal studios theme park with some of the younger members of the tour organisers. Roller coasters and the like are not on the agenda of the more mature member of the party.

2 Responses to “Netball, zoo and other things”

  1. Bill- Estelle Says:

    Yes, we saw you both on Oz t.v. (about 2pm local time). Don’t know about embarrassed – we thought you looked “well pleased” and Alex spoke very well. Does this make you famous world-wide now?

  2. Bernice Says:

    Yep, definitely world famous!! Autographs will be available on request šŸ™‚

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