Three days worth

After so many days of full on netball, heat, humidity and goodness knows what else, we gave ourselves Thursday off netball watching as it was just the playoff for the minor placings. So with that in mind, Alex went out with a few of the younger members of the touring party on Wednesday night, returning back in time to join me for a quick breakfast before she headed out again with Barb, one of the other members of our touring group, to Universal theme park for the day.

By all accounts they had a great time,

Alex and Barb

Zip line

Meanwhile, someone in the party attended to domestic matters such as laundry, as well as having a look around the city and generally trying to keep myself as cool as possible. By late afternoon Alex arrived back for a quick shower and change as we were heading out to Sentosa Island to see a show called Voyage de la Vie. Our first stop was to have a bite to eat. We found a place put near the venue where we ordered a few delights from the menu to tempt us.



It was on our way out of the restaurant that we came across another group of netball supporters from our group. Only two of the women were going to the same show as we were, after chatting with them for a while the two ladies going to the show asked if they could tag along with us as they were not sure where to go. Off we went to the show, a combination of dance, theatre, acrobatics, gymnastics, magic, rope work, fireworks, light show….a great evening of entertainment.

By the end of the evening, we decided to take a cab back to the hotel sharing it with our two new friends (who just happen to be from Milton). Oh, have we mentioned before how cheap taxis are here in Singapore? For the approximately 30 minute cab ride back to the hotel it cost the four of us $11 in total. By this time it was nearing midnight and the youngest member of the party was rather weary.

Friday morning, and back to the netball, today New Zealand were to play South Africa. We stay at the netball all day, which means that after breakfast with the group, we pack up our backpacks, and head off down the road to the MRT station to the underground train to the stadium.We are usually on our way by 10am. Along the way, we buy provisions for lunch and snacks as well as lots of water. Its off along one line, then change after a couple of stops to another line then off to the Stadium. Then a short walk to the stadium itself where we find our seats and make ourselves comfortable for the day. The first game starts at 11am and the last games start at 8pm so by the time the game ends and we are back on the return train journey to the hotel. Friday night, it’s 10pm and we have not had any dinner so we try and find something on the way, what this means is that it’s another late night.

The team!

Just to prove we were here.

Although we knew we would win todays game, South Africa provided us with a good competition which meant the girls had to step it up a level. The following game was arch rivals Australia against a much lesser team form Malawi. The Malawi team played with such heart helped along by a large section of the NZ crowd cheering them along.

Some of the crowd.

On to Saturday and the semi finals, New Zealand is up against England, a team that has been playing very well all week. Another exhilarating day of singing and chanting and cheering on our team plus providing voice to help along other teams. Our girls did not let us down and we came away with a great win.

Tomorrow is Sunday and finals day. We apparently have to be up early tomorrow for an early breakfast as we have special guests attending…… this space to find out just who it will be!

Monday we are off to Bali for some seriously earned R&R. As we are unsure Internet access there we may not be able to post for some time, but rest assured that some of the books we both have piled up beside our beds will finally get an airing, the suntan lotion is at the ready, the togs are waiting……we may even have the chance for a massage or two!

Sight of the week, the 6ft 10in Sri Lankan player with her opponent!!

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