Culinary delights in Bali

Another early start for us as we were off on our cooking course ( some holiday… Where are the sleep ins??). First stop after being picked up was the local Ubud market which was rather an eye opener for some, with people, food, animals and rubbish strewn across every empty space available. Our guide was a sweet young lady who explained all the types of food to us, as well as letting us try some of the exotic fruits including the snake skin fruit and mangosteen, yum!




From here we were taken up to a village just outside of Ubud to firstly get a closer look at the rice paddies, and be told how the whole rice growing process works. Then it was off to the house where the cooking class was held. We were greeted with a lovely fresh lemon drink, followed by an extensive tour of their house complex, including family temple. We didn’t realize that as well as a cooking course we would be getting a cultural insight into traditional Balinese lifestyle, which is still very much alive.


Finally it was on to the cooking, after a group effort of chopping, grating, and ‘Balinese blending’ the fresh raw ingredients, we started with a fresh mushroom and vegetable soup. Then for mains had tuna cooked in banana leaf, chicken satay, gado gado salad, chicken curry, deep fried Tempeh, a bean salad, raw sambal, all accompanied with steamed rice. Wow what an amazing lunch! All washed down with a bintang, well for those of the party that enjoy a beer. Dessert was cooked banana (a hard starchy variety), with jackfruit in a palm sugar and coconut cream sauce. So spoilt!






Once we got back, it was chill time for a while, then Alex headed off to venture into the monkey forest. It was definitely an interesting experience. I couldn’t believe how many monkeys there were! On the ground, climbing the temple, in the trees and climbing on people. I had one obviously thinking my brightly colored dress was food of some description to jump on and attach itself to my dress. Lucky it was just a small one, as I spun round and it stayed clinging on, lucky a guide was close by so he shooed it off for me. Some were a bit frightening as they were fighting for territory, but it was otherwise fine. The temple was stunning, particularly the banyan trees throughout.

Dinner was a very small snack after our large lunch, but on seeing a drink being taken to another table being served in a pineapple, we insisted on two of those. Turned out to be some potent tequila based cocktail, not so yum!



Friday morning we were off on the road again, back to Sanur. We arrived too early to check in, so spent the remainder of the morning walking around the town having a look in shops. But this was definitely not a shopping trip for either of us, as the only thing we came away with was new sunglasses, no purses, bags, t-shirts or anything! So restrained!

After checking in for our last day on holiday, there was only one thing to do… Hit the beach with our books once more. After a relaxing couple of hours on the beach, we got dressed and got in a taxi to Jimbaran where we met Suzy and Sonia once again for dinner at the most amazing setting on the beach. A stone’s throw from the sea, we had a fabulous dinner of a mixture of seafood with rice and some vegetables. We also had a try of the barbecued corn from a stall on the beach which was lovely. We were serenaded by a quintet of musicians who played us classics such as Hey Jude! Oh, and one musician decided he was in love with Alex and she was serenaded for the rest of the evening from afar! After a magical evening, it was sad to say goodbye, knowing that it was our last night on the island, but what a way to finish it! Thanks to Suzy and Sonia for making it so memorable.





Today is just one mammoth day of travel for both of us. Getting up at 5:30am to catch the early flight to Singapore, where Bernice has an 8 hour wait for her flight back to NZ, and Alex has an 11 hour wait for her flight to London via Munich. Lucky for us, Singapore airport has free wi fi!

This is what you do at Changi airport to pass the time!

Sad to end a great holiday, it’s definitely one we will be talking about for years to come!

Sign seen around the streets outside our resort, having earlier cleared the beach during a tsunami alert…………………………..just as well it was a practise!

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  1. alex Says:

    ugh, three days into work and this all feels like it was too long ago!!!

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