What can we say, the result may not have been what we wanted but it was anyone’s game really. Sunday morning started early for us with a group breakfast as we all had to be finished by 8.30am as we were to be having a Q&A session with Julie Coney, Julie Seymour, Belinda Colling and a “special” Aussie guest which turned out to be Vicki Wilson. For the next one and half hours we listened enthralled and totally entertained to a great group discussion on the ins and outs of netball, teams, personalities, tours, shopping, and even the ins and outs of drug testing!! A fantastic start to the day.

Alex & I quickly got our stuff together and headed off to the stadium for all the finals matches. We arrived to find that the stadium had removed one court and turned it around so for the final day we sat in the very front row, right on the centre third line. We were in great company too with Maria Tuatia’s parents on one side of us and on the other side a couple of ladies who had been umpires internationally in their heyday! all the games were very good, but we had all come to see the final between NZ and Oz. Well, it could have gone either way, but it was still a very good game and I don’t think I have yelled so much, cried, hugged strangers, and had my heart in my mouth for such a long time. It was a torrid afternoon. Never mind, we picked ourselves up afterwards and headed off to Clark Quay to a bar to help ease the pain.

Here we again met up with some of our new found acquaintances, Marion & Joan from Milton, all the West Coast girls, Barb, and many many more. The bar is situated right next to the bungy capsule and the giant swing rides, Alex ended up going on the giant swing ride with Mary a 73yo who said she wanted to have a go, and she thoroughly enjoyed it too singing at the top of her voice when she was asked if she was OK. Bernice left Alex with the young ones again as she shared a cab ride back to the hotel with Marion & Joan, as we head to be up reasonably early Monday morning for our flits to Bali.

Singapore sling to drown our sorrows.

Monday morning, and a quick breakfast, said managed to catch up with Glenda and Marie from Cromwell whom we seemed to run into everywhere throughout the previous week, final farewells said to all out other new friends, and thank-you’s said to the wonderful staff from Willament Travel who organized the trip. We threw the last of our belongings into our bags, hailed a cab and we were on our way to Changi airport. We had enough time for a quick look at the duty free shops, although nothing was purchased, met up with Lois Muir at the airport too before heading off to catch our flight.

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