We were up early this morning as we had to be at reception at 8.30am for our pick up. After a glorious nights sleep following a late night massage, we were up, packed, breakfasted and ready to go. We had a driver and a tour guide to escort us on the trip to Ubud. Our first stop was to a batik factory where we watched everything from the weaving of the material, through to the batik process then of course into the shop! It was definitely priced for the tourists so we headed out of there fairly quickly.

Next stop on our trip was to watch a traditional dance and story which was quite interesting, although after an hour the senior member of the party did admit to closing her eyes behind her sunglasses!!

Tiger dance

Balinese dancer

Off on our journey again, avoiding the traffic, people, animals and everything else that seems to spill onto Bali streets. Here the horn on the vehicle is used not only as a warning device on approaching someone else but also as an indicator! Next stop was at a traditional living set up, complete with the family’s own temple, lovely gardens and animals. Then it was a short walk across the road to see traditional wood carving. Although it must be said that we did ask the question as to why there are so many Buddah images around when Bali is 90% Hindu. We were told that the Buddah are made purely for the tourists!!

Next stop was the gold and silver smithing where we were shown how they processed the silver from the raw material then onto the finished products, although at this stop we thought the prices were too high even tho we bargained. Our tour guide asked us once we returned to the car is we had purchased anything Alex said no, it was too expensive, so he asked what they were asking, when she said 2.1 million rupiah, he said, oh offer then half price, 500,000 rupiah. But, we said, that’s a quarter not half, and he said yes, yes, half half!!! So onto the next shop with that information in mind, where we managed to strongly bargain and both bought some silver.

On from there to a traditional temple, where we donned sarongs to enter, a quick look around before we escaped the heat back to the car.


Alex at the temple

Then it was off through the winding hill roads to a Plantation..cocoa, coffee, all sorts of fruits, vanilla pods and much more. Yes, Bernice even tried some Luwak coffee (google it to get the explanation!!!!).

A Luwak.

A line up of coffees and teas.

On to lunch which we had in the mountains overlooking Lake Penelokan and Volcano. A lovely late afternoon lunch before we then headed toward Ubud.


Along the way we saw the lovely, picturesque rice terraces before we eventually got to Ubud and our hotel, which was right on Monkey Forest road. An earlyish night as another early start in the morning for our cooking course.



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