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Back in good ol’ NZ

July 19, 2011

After a grueling flight, why does it always seem to take forever?, made worse by the fact that in the front row were two families each with very young children/babies who seemed to take turns in crying…..constantly for 10 hours! This was after being up since 5.30am to leave Bali, then the 8hr wait in Singapore before the flight to NZ, then there was the three hour drive back to Oamaru. After traveling just on an hour, I called in to see Jason, Erica and the children for a much needed break, cuppa, a bite to eat and of course a catch up. Then it was back on the road with the window down, the radio going full blast and the occasional stop to top up with caffeine in one form or other. Yes, I know Alex, I can hear you from here…you had an 11hr wait in Singapore then a 2 hr stopover in munch before you get home, but I am older (and wiser!) and admit that I cannot hack the pace like I once could!!!!

It was lovely to finally arrive at Pen-y-bryn and of course to Roy. By this time I had been up for over 36hrs and was feeling rather tired and also a little seedy thus an early night for me and sleep for around 12hrs! I woke up Monday morning feeling really rather the worse for wear but as the day wore on, it all became a little better. The Jameses were due to arrive later in the afternoon so we filled up the cars with all our gear and headed out to Helen and Don’s farm to drop it all off. But not before heading down to get my first glimpse of the van since work commenced.

This morning, to our surprise, the blinds for the van that we had ordered from the USA had arrived. We ordered them online, and had them sent to James G’s mother in NY as the company would not send internationally, she kindly organized for them to be sent to us. They were only despatched the previous Wednesday so it only took four working days to get to Oamaru, fantastic service. Why did we get blinds sent from the US? Price, basically. One sixth of the price had we purchased them in NZ. The blinds are double cell honeycomb blinds with thermal and blackout linings which should make a huge difference in the van. So off we trotted to take the blinds to the workshop and to get my first look at the changes made so far. The bed is done – new slat base with lift up to provide storage underneath. The bathroom vanity has been removed, the new smaller handbasin in its new vanity unit is ready to go in once some other minor work is done. Onto the piece de resistance, my new kitchen, the units are in place complete with the amazing new swivel corner storage unit and my new oven. The new (huge) pantry is ready to go in, and bench tops should be ready this week. It is a kitchen that would be desirable in any home!! Then the new seating and table can be done, along with the new office space at the front passenger side of the dash.It is all rather exciting and we cannot wait to have it finished and back in our hands.

The Jameses arrived home late in the afternoon, we quickly caught up before we headed out to the farm which will be our “home” for the next 6 weeks. I must hasten to add here that it is a hazelnut farm with two dogs the only livestock to care for. It will be here that we will be holding Mum & Dad’s 65th wedding anniversary celebrations later next month, when we hope that all the family will be able to gather and help celebrate this major achievement. More info on that later.

Here we are, getting used to the very quiet life on the farm. The views from here are amazing and with the lovely crisp clean air, it is delightful to be here. We welcome visitors……just call first to make sure that we are in residence!!