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On the farm

July 22, 2011

We handed Pen-y-bryn back to the Jameses on Monday to head out to the Newlands farm for our next stint at house sitting. And it seems that ever since we have been here, the weather has been glorious and the views just breathtaking. We have settled in to a nice little routine which sees us both enjoying the utter peace and quiet. Everyday we see glorious skies, beautiful sunsets.

View from house


It seems like an age since I was in Singapore and Bali even though it is only just a week. I was surprised on Wednesday with delivery of a lovely bunch of flowers sent as a thank you from Alex. Then to top it off, the Jameses gave me a lovely string of pearls, they look lovely and are just the perfect length so I will get lots of wear out of them.I am very spoilt.

Flowers from Alex

As we are 20 minutes or so from Oamaru we make sure that any visits into town are multi purpose hence the need for a very good “to do” list. The list seems to be growing longer and longer as we try and guess what we may need over the next week or two.
Wednesday we had Mum and Dad come for a visit and for lunch. I think they enjoyed their visit and to see where we will be celebrating their anniversary next month. Later we headed into town so that; Roy could attend his Drs appointment, get the shopping done and also attend the weekly pub quiz (which we won). Thursday evening we had the quiz team round for dinner as it was J2’s birthday. Then on Friday Mike and Ann joined us to watch the All Blacks rugby game against Fiji.

J2 birthday lemon tart

This weekend will see us potter around the house and catch up on a few bits and pieces and not go too far at all, particularly as we are forecast some cold weather and some snow.

Late Sunday night view from dining room!

Hopefully we will get into town tomorrow to attend to a number of chores before settling in to life on the farm.