Let it snow!

Monday morning we woke to a winter wonderland, although we were snuggly and warm in the house, it was not until we ventured outside that it was a little chilly. We must hasten to add though that it was not as chilly as the winter we encountered in the northern hemisphere!

Helen and Don’s house

Hazelnut orchard under a blanket of snow

Roy had an appointment in town this morning, so we bundled up and headed off in the Rav4. As we got onto the main highway we both commented at how weird it was as there was no other traffic on the road, once we reached the outskirts of Oamaru we found out why. There was a road block and a very long line of traffic banked up behind it, the main road south was closed until further notice. Well, how were we to know? Being school holidays, it seemed that every child was out playing in the snow making snowmen.

Awamoa park

Jobs done, we headed back out to the farm. Ever since Monday we have had surprisingly warm weather, on Wednesday it was so warm that we opened up all the doors and windows! We have not had to have a fire since then, although it is looking a little gloomy today. Perhaps we may get some welcome rain?

Wednesday we had to go into town again, and we popped in to see the van. Things are coming along nicely, we did have a discussion with Steve (builder) with regards to our seating arrangements, and in particular the couch which we are moving to the opposite side of the van along the wall behind the drivers seat. On reflection, we thought that maybe rather than a couch we would buy a couple of nice arm chairs and put them in instead. So off to the furniture shops to see if there was anything that met our requirements. And what do you know? the first shop we found the perfect chairs, swivel recliners in black leather that are slimline so they are not too bulky for the van. Perfect. And what is more, they just so happened to be on special, so special in fact, that we got a further reduction for cash. They should arrive next week and be installed then.

Next job is to get invites out for Ma and Pa’s wedding anniversary, organize food, drink, tables, chairs, and people. Should be a good weekend.

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