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First full day netball

July 5, 2011

We made our way this morning via the MRT to the indoor netball stadium ready for our first full day of netball. We, of course, were there for the first game of the day along with a handful of other hardy supporters.
But by the time the Australian game was due to start the stadium had filled, and when the NZ game started the stands were packed with crazy fans. A few of them are here…



All the games were great in their own way, but it was the NZ game that we were all really waiting for. When the NZ team walked into the stadium the crowd was amazingly loud. A great feeling to be part of it all. We watched the girls warm up with nervous eagerness, I am not sure who were more eager or nervous, them or us!

Last minute team talk.

A number of combinations were tried and tested on the court, and altho we came away with a comprehensive win, there is still room for improvement.

We left the stadium before the end of the last game of the day so that we could attend dinner with the rest of our tour group at the Lau Pa Sat hawker market. After a lovely dinner we headed back to our hotel to sort out ourselves ready for another full day of netball followed by a night safari at the zoo.

Opening ceremony

July 4, 2011

After our breakfast with the Silver ferns, oh, and did I say that Irene van Dyk came and sat at our table, not only at our table but right next to me? I ended up being her assistant, lining up autographs and photo opportunities before we managed to get our own. The whole team was very accommodating with photos and autographs, and everyone was very friendly. They seemed a well oiled, highly organized and motivated team. Bring it on!

Alex, Silver ferns coach Ruth Aitken, Bernice.

After our amazing start to the morning, we headed out for more sightseeing utilizing the Hop On Hop Off bus. We headed out to join up with Alex’s friend Oak and we all went out for a sightseeing tour around the city, taking in the sights, sounds and smells.

Street in little India

Street in China town

We are surrounded by amazing architecture from cutting edge, new through to the old.




After sightseeing, it was time to make our way on the MRT to the stadium for the opening ceremony and the first game. We have the most amazing seats, mid court side seats.

Dragons at the opening ceremony.

We watched the first game Botswana playing Singapore which was a good game to watch, the Botswana team have an amazing group of supporters in tow who are very loud and musical. All in all, a good day. We headed back to our hotel stopping off in a side mall to grab a bite to eat.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, yes, it is like being in a sauna out of the air-conditioned comfort of hotel, stadium, or shops.

Breakfast with the ferns

July 3, 2011

What more can we say!









July 1, 2011

Up at 4am this morning for the 3 hour drive to Christchurch airport, which we duly did and arrived in good time. In fact in plenty of time, as on checking in I was told that my flight was now delayed an hour due to a late arrival of the plane. In fact we left only 45 minutes later than scheduled which was not too bad. I had an aisle seat in the centre block of seats with a spare seat between me and the next passenger so we were not cramped.

I noticed that the two young women who were seated in the seats across the aisle from me had a sports travel bag from Williment Travel, the same group that we are with. I struck up a conversation with them, it turns out that they are the organizers from Willament travel and are staying at the same hotel. The flight seemed to take absolutely forever, and I was not the only one to pass comment that the flight seemed to be interminably long.

On landing in Singapore the girls offered to share their taxi with me to the hotel, which in quickly accepted, however, as luck would have it, a courtesy van had been sent for them, so we had a nice drive into the hotel in an air-conditioned van. Oh, have a mentioned the heat yet? The blast of heat and humidity on exiting the plane was a little bit of a shock to the system. Never mind, I am happily in my room at the York Hotel, with the aircon turned right down, with a nice cold drink.

Well, I slept really reasonably well last night but I did wake at 3.30am before dropping off again. After breakfast I went to the shopping mall for a few necessities then headed back to the hotel to relax for a while. Around lunch time I headed off again to the mall, and ended up “treating” myself to a massage. I started off with a foot massage which was incredibly painful, but the guy kept telling me as he found an extra sore spot ‘lady, you have bad knee’ or ‘lady your lower back very bad” so I ended up having a back massage as well….yes, I know, I should have realized!!! I came away wobbly on my feet after receiving a pummeling. Boy oh boy, that was really tough.

I also bought myself a delicious two course lunch for just $4, which I took back to the hotel to eat and wait for Alex. Alex arrived soon after, so now we are enjoying a quiet rum & coke before we head out. Watch out Singapore…here we come!