One year ago…

One year ago today, We handed over the reigns of Pen-y-bryn to James and James. In some respects, it seems like much more than a year, but in other respects it just seems like yesterday. What a year it has been and what a lot we have achieved. And thank goodness for this blog, as we can look back through it all and remind ourselves just exactly what we have seen and done. Happy anniversary to us and to the Jameses.

To celebrate, on Saturday we were invited to Pen-y-bryn, along with Mike & Ann, for a celebratory dinner. We had a lovely evening with beautiful food, convivial company and finished with some lovely Vin de Noix (walnut wine) that James had made and recently decanted.

How are we celebrating on the day? Roy flew off to Australia early this morning for a weeks holiday to catch up with his sister Karel and her family. He had a very early start to get to the airport, as he had to leave Oamaru at midnight for his 6am flight from Christchurch. Antony will be joining Roy later in the week, well, Alex and I had mother daughter time so it seems fitting that the blokes have some father son time!!

Meanwhile back on the farm, I am happily relaxed here doing my own thing pottering about and looking forward to the next year. Who knows what we will get up to or where we will end up? Watch this space.

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