The end of House-sitting

The past couple of weeks have flown by and our house-sitting duties have come to an end.  Whilst we have loved house-sitting, all those little “jobs” we had planned to get done in our rest time, it seems that very few of the items we had on our list have been crossed off!  Isn’t that always the way?  All those tasks will now have to either wait until we stop permanently but perhaps some will get done on our travels. 

We have taken delivery of the van/bus/motorhome.  Hmmm, what do we call it?  And what shall we name it?  The front runner at the moment is “Hotel Splendide” after a black comedy/weird movie that we watched with Steve & Les in Whangamata – you have to watch it to understand it! 

The van looks fantastic, we have a few minor details to finish it off,  next week it goes back to the joiner to have the desk installed into the front dashboard as he just did not get that done.  Photos will be coming once it is all completed.  But we have the new kitchen installed, our leather recliner rockers in situ, new carpet and flooring in, the bed is finished and VERY comfortable, bedside cabinet installed, new hand basin and vanity unit in the bathroom, two seater couch installed, drivers seat and passenger seats swapped over (so that the passenger has arm rests!!), new pantry installed, new thermal/blackout blinds installed and curtains for the front window. 

We have been through all our boxes of treasures that we thought would be essential for living in the van, with many items returned to boxes to be put into storage.  We have rearranged all the external lockers and made sure that what we have in these are all essential items.  Although one item is still contestable…..our guest wing aka the tent, however if it does not get utilised within the next few months, it will also be relegated to long term storage!

Helen and Don arrived home last Saturday and they have kindly allowed us to stay with them for a few days longer whilst we sort out all our gear.  By the end of next week we should be ready to hit the road again which we are both looking forward to.  We have no plans of where we will be heading or in which direction, I guess it will be a case of tossing a coin at the nearest intersection and see which way we end up going!


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