Wednesday 28th

We are happily settled here just out of Cromwell and will be staying put for a few days at least.  This gives us a chance to have a good look around the area and also to catch up on a few wee tasks.

TractorThe ubiquitous red tractor abandoned but not forgotten in the paddock next to where we are parked.

Last night we had a lovely roast of pork with all the usual trimmings, the oven is now well christened. 


Morning tasks done, it was time to head into Cromwell for a wee bit of a look around.  On a trip to Mitre 10 for a couple of ‘essential’ bits, Bernice met up with the owner Glenda who just happened to be on her recent trip to the Netball World Champs in Singapore.  After a quick catch up, we were invited to Glenda’s for dinner on Friday night, something to look forward to.  We are in charge of the wine supplies, so a bit of reconnaissance work visiting a few vineyards, doing a little bit of quality control tasting is called for over the next few days. 

Across from the Old Cromwell  Looking out from the Old Cromwell on a very fine day

Soon it was time for a spot of lunch, although it is only Wednesday, we thought that it was only fitting that we have a Pizza and Cider at the Cider House – especially for Antony & Alex! And delicious it was too, sitting out in the warm sun enjoying the atmosphere.

Cider HouseOutside the Cider House

pizzaPizza and cider

Then it was off down the road to Wooing Tree – just for Bill & Linda.

Wooing Tree

Back to the van, and a late afternoon of relaxing, reading and watching/listening to the local rabbit hunt going on.  This is done via helicopter, with the shooter taking shots at the rabbits from overhead.  Apparently this is an efficient method of rabbit control as the rabbits come out into the open and stay very still as the “big bird” flies overhead, making them a reasonably easy target. This went on all afternoon.

 Rabbit Helicopter rabbit hunting  

Bernice decided to try out her oven at baking, oh, and also try the cake mixer (without being hooked up to mains power that is).  A batch of ginger nuts was made, and after a few tweaks with oven temperatures and shelf heights, a perfect batch of ginger nuts were made.  Damn, now we have to eat them!

Thursday 29th September

Today we have a few tasks to attend to, Roy has showed his skill by changing a couple of the light fittings around and getting rid of the silly, dangly, light fitting over our armchairs.  We used a  fitting purloined from another part of the van where one was totally unnecessary.  Today’s other task is to install a guide roller to the sliding door between the front of the van and the bathroom area, and putting in the rubber edging along the inside of the slide-out  where it was removed during modifications. 

It is yet another stunning day with not a cloud in the skies.  Today’s entertainment was again provided by the helicopter with the rabbit shooters, however, a slight change from yesterday with a pause in the shooting whilst they dropped off someone to capture wayward sheep.  The then hilarious sight of three twitching, terrified sheep dangling underneath the helicopter from ropes being removed to safer areas then rabbit shooting recommencing.

Completing the jobs took most of the day, but we now have the last bit of lino laid around the seat, the edging in situ and the rubber seal was measured, cut, glued and screwed into place.  All in all, looking very neat and tidy.

Friday 30th September

Another day of wandering and chores including laundry then off to Glenda & Toby’s for dinner with Marie (another Singapore netball fan) joining us. A lovely night was had with plans to meet up again in the next day or two before we set off to points unknown.

We are also trying to empty out the “liquor cabinet” by drinking some of the wines we seem to have accumulated over the years, so for the past few days we have been enjoying, with varying success,  NZ Rieslings vintage 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.  We have had only one that had gone past its best, the rest have been drinking beautifully.  Who said you cannot cellar whites for more that 3-4 years?


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  1. alex Says:

    I hope you went to the fruit stall across from the wooing tree for your fruit!

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