Around Te Anau

Monday dawned a dullish overcast day which seemed a good day for Roy to get on with the accounts and GST returns et al.  And as anyone who knows Roy well will know that this means he will not be in the best of moods and should be kept clear of at all costs.  With this in mind, Bernice beat a hasty retreat into Te Anau with a long shopping and ‘to do’ list.

Whilst driving from one task to another, I happened upon a familiar looking person walking along the street.  Pulling up beside her, it was indeed Judith Cantwell (nee Amos), whom we have known since Tokoroa days.  After a lengthy chat on the side of the road, we exchanged contact details and I invited her out to visit us at our park up spot next to the Whitestone River.    Back to the tasks in hand, including laundry, once all jobs were ticked off the list and complete, I headed back out to the van in the hope that Roy had completed all he needed to do.  No such luck!  But by the time, I had hung out the washing, put away the groceries, organised a late lunch and  got dinner prepped, he had finished everything. 

We decided to have a late dinner due to having had such a late lunch, however, it turned out to be a little later than we anticipated as Jude and her youngest son Andrew came for a visit.  By the time we had chatted over a wine or two (a VERY good Hyperion Gaia 2004 Merlot – thanx John Crone!), caught up with all our news, it was nearly 10.30pm.  So a very late dinner, but the lamb shanks were exceptionally good I have to say, and meltingly tender.

Tuesday morning and we packed up the van to head into town to empty the waste tanks, fill up with fresh water and load up with     LPG.  We also had to post off all the bumf from yesterdays workings and check to see if our mail had arrived.  Negative to the latter but we managed to get everything else done.  Whilst at the dump station we met a lovely young Australian couple with their three preschool children doing a tour of the south of the south.  We chatted with them for some time, exchanging good spots to park up and enjoying their tales of lighting a fire beside Lake Gunn and making damper-on-a stick the previous night.  It is so nice to hear that such traditions are being kept and the PC brigade have not ruined these activities….yet!

We spent most of the day in and around the town of Te Anau before heading off to our park up spot for the night.  This time just  6 km from Te Anau at Queens Reach Conservation Area off State Highway 95 between Te Anau and Manapouri.  There are lots of camping spots beside the Waiau River and there are at least 4 other campers in the area. 

vanStopped at the car park at Queens Reach Conservation Area

We spent some time in the late afternoon walking around the Area looking at all the sights. And some sights were a little more than what we bargained for – a couple camped in a people mover type of vehicle, stripped bare, washing in the river!!!

riverThe Waiau River, the outlet for Lake Te Anau

pathPath through the Beech trees alongside the river

undercutThese Beech tress have no support beneath the roots.  Not sure what is holding them up.

Tonight’s dinner will not be quite so late, as it is one of the lamb shanks left from last night stripped off the bone mixed in with the sauce and served with some yummy pasta.

Oh and by the time we were heading off to bed, we were joined by at least another 9 campervans plus at least one couple under canvas (and it has started to rain!).


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