Fairlight to Mandeville to Gore


parked at FairlightParked at Fairlight

fairlightFairlight Station

Its not for everyone that I drag myself out of bed in the mornings, but Bill & Linda were due to arrive by 8.30am (yes, I know, not early at all for some of you but some of us like to enjoy a lie in).  They arrived right on time and we spent the morning chatting and catching up with all their news. Linda brought us some sweets from the English Lolly Shop, and they also brought us a couple of Cornish Pasties that we will enjoy later in the day.

bbl Bernice, Bill and Linda

Of course it was yet another stunning day in Central but we had heard that the weather forecast was not very promising. With that in mind we thought we would head on to Mandeville and stay there for a few days.  We said our goodbyes to Bill & Linda, packed ourselves up and headed off over the hills to Mandeville.

To ensure that the locking pins would have no chance of bouncing out of the A-Frame, we had some large rubber bands – made from old car inner tubes – that were given to us when we first bought the van by a fellow movanner, who told us that these bands would prove to be invaluable.  How right he was.  So with the bands wrapped tightly around the pins, we were off.

We found the parking spot at the Mandeville Ponds and Wetlands area.  We set ourselves up right beside the ponds with a lovely outlook.  However, just a few short hours later, the heavens opened and did not stop.  Roy went off for a drive in the RAV to inspect a few more parking spots alongside the Ponds, as we were not too sure if we should stay on the grass with all the rain.  However, we decided to stay put at least for the night.

mand 2Mandeville ponds, lovely sunny afternoon or it was for a short time.

Tuesday 18 October

Il pleut……it rained and rained all night, the ground was pretty damn sodden, plan A we would hop in the RAV, head into Gore and check out possible parking spots.  Problem number one, damn RAV would not start.  It sounded very odd, not at all like something simple like a flat battery, plan B, push the RAV into position, hook up to the van and drive the whole rig through to Gore.

We arrived in Gore and quickly got the RAV sorted, a flat battery it was.  Remember I said that Roy had gone for a drive last night to check out further possible parking spots?  Well, he had left the lights on for some time, before noticing later on that they were still switched on.  Underway again, off down the road to park up at the A&P Showgrounds, or across the Road at the Town & Country Club.  The T&C Club won out, with its separate car park for motorhomes,  power to plug into, laundry facilities and showers & toilets as well.  Sorted! 

corner 2Our corner of the carpark

Off into town and a visit to a few engineering places to see if we could sort out the locking pins problem.  With lots of wonderful helpful advice and directions, we found an engineering shop that had pins with a hooking locking device, that problem sorted. 


sgtdan 1Sgt Dan the Creamota man

Apparently last weekend there was a Rhododendron Show at Gore.  The following photos show some of the plants in the street and the Town and Country Club.

rode 4

azalea 1

azalea 2

rode 3

rode 2

 foot foot    My friend Foot foot!! accidental photo     

We are now here for at least three nights, Gore has been a bit of a revelation, with nice shops, an amazing Art Gallery and very friendly helpful people. The Cookbook library has been extended after finding a great second hand book shop that had a great selection of newish cook books.  And we also found some extra beaters and attachments for the faithful Kenwood Mixer. 

Glorious sunshine here today which is lovely especially when we read that the coastal areas of Otago and Southland are still being drenched.  


3 Responses to “Fairlight to Mandeville to Gore”

  1. alex Says:

    Do you not already have every attachment that was ever made for the Kenwood??
    Not enough for you?

  2. rkvannini Says:

    I am collecting them for you!!

  3. alex Says:

    YES!!! Cannot wait to have my own kitchen… will be Kenwood overload!

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