Normal transmission resumes

After a day of pfaffing around on Tuesday we found a business here in Gore who had all the spare parts and skills required to fix the awning.  So Wednesday morning, we packed up the van and headed off down the road, first to the dump station then on to see Peter Wood at Charlton RV Imports.  Within an hour or so, we had parts replaced, bits screwed back in, new pieces installed, all in all a very good job well done, relatively painlessly to boot.

Whilst chatting with Peter, we mentioned that we were looking for a smaller table as the one we have is great for when we are stopped for some time, but just for the two of us, we could really do with something smaller. Ten minutes later we left with a folding tripod style base, centre pole and base for a table top.  He sent us next door to a kitchen joiner to look for an off cut.  Lo and behold, they had a piece which was roughly the right size and almost a  perfect match for the bench tops and existing table. We left the fitting with them to attach and were to call back in the morning.

Back to the van, and Bernice headed off into town to the library to avail herself of the free wifi whilst leaving Roy to get some work done. 

therwellSpotted by Bernice, Thelwell eat your heart out.

Thursday morning and the table top was duly picked up, we just had to paint around the edge of the table top to protect it.  Off for a test pot of paint, then sitting in the sun and paint the edge. 


pieces Component partstable Assembled table


With it being such a lovely day we took the opportunity the seal off the awning repair with the special sealant for our motorhome roof material and to give everything a good check over, clean out the gutterings et al.

That leads onto another handy hint we received,  the spout for the small gutter that runs along the van has proved a little problematic as the spout does not extend far enough out from the van resulting in water running down the front side windows.  After the heavy rain last week, Roy had started to fashion a complex aluminium extension for the spout, this was a work in progress.  However, a simple solution has been found.  By clipping a clothes peg onto the end of the spout, we have resolved the problem!

Another wee task completed today was the removal of the “lovely”  material on the surround of the slide out.  374 staples later, the material was removed and the wood replaced.  Now it looks a lot better.  We still have a small piece of material to replace on the two seater base, but we need access to a sewing machine for that.

Having spent time at the Gore Town and Country Club park last week and this, we thought that it was quite quiet, as in all the time we had been here there had been a maximum of three vans at any one time.  In fact most of the time there had been two, the other one having been here for some eight months.   However last night put paid to that idea as motorhomes started arriving in late afternoon,  We now have a total of nine here.  From Auckland, Waikato, Ashburton and Invercargill! 

Tomorrow, Friday, we are on the move again,  plans may be changed on which direction we go, keep watching this space.


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