Alexandra, the town not the daughter!

Roxburgh, toodle pip, we did enjoy staying

pinders pondPinders Pond, Roxburgh

Probably the flashest toilets so far seen.  Right in the centre of the town with easy access.

toilets 1Flash public loos in Roxburgh

toilet 2and the door control system.

There have been three bridges across the river at Roxburgh.  The first was washed away in the late 1880s when the Clyde bridge made its way down the river in a huge flood taking three lower bridges with it.

 todays bridgeThe ‘new’ latest bridge from Roxburgh

old bridgeRemains of the first bridge looking from the new bridge

Instead of following the main road up to Alexandra we decided to go up the other side of the river to head over the Roxburgh Dam

Roxburgh Dam 2Roxburgh Dam from below the spillway

Roxburgh Dam 1On top of the Dam looking downstream


BoomTop of the Roxburgh dam, and debris caught up in the boom.

Then back onto the main road travelling through some stunning country before coming across Butchers Dam, just a few kms out of Alexandra.

Parked 1parking spot at Butchers Dam, surrounded by Thyme.

We headed down to the waters edge and decided to park up here for a day or two where we can watch the fish jumping, enjoy the sunshine and relax….oh yes, isn’t that what we do best?

Lake 1and this is the view out of the door of the van.

Japanese 1and this was the view out of the back window, a Japanese couple having their wedding photos taken!

The RAV was unhitched so we could go exploring, first stop was to Mitchells Cottage, Fruitlands.  Here we came across the most unusual fence posts seen around the country.   Hewn out of the local stone these have been in place for the past 100 years.

fence post 3fence post 1fence post 2

The remains of the Blacksmith shed built into and forming part of the stone wall surrounding the property

blacksmith 2


Front of Mitchells cottage


Rear of the cottage


sun dialBernice admires the handiwork of the original settlers who created this flat surface to act as the base of a sundial.  Unfortunately the gnomon and hour markings are long gone.

sundial 2

Signs of drilling in the rocks near the house show where stone has been quarried for the house and surrounding buildings.


Returning to the parking area Roy took off on one of his strolls, around the lake above Butchers Dam

irrigationThe outlet that takes water from the dam through a tunnel to water races for irrigation

 dam 3 The dam is some 68 metres high with a narrow top with a walkway across it


lake 2  View from the opposite side of the lake

parked Yes that is us on the other side

picked over bonesRemains of a rabbit on top of a rock

teazles Teazlesthyme 1And of course the large areas of wild thyme

On Tuesday we made our way back to Oamaru, where we are now stationary for a while.


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