O, Oh, Oamaru

15 – 30 November

We have been back in Oamaru for two weeks, for family reasons we shall not get into here.  But whilst here we have been able to get a few minor jobs completed and ticked off the list.  The major one was getting a cabinet built and installed in the van to house the printer.  Again, Steve from Inex Interiors came up trumps and had one built in no time.  It has a couple of extra drawers in it, which makes it tall enough to double as a side table.  We also had another few minor tweaks completed with other bits and pieces so we should be reasonably set up now (fingers crossed).

Friday 25th (Bernice’s Birthday), we had a couple of fellow motorhomers in for drinkies – Marty & Carol and Amanda & Chris, plus Mike & Ann and friends Helen & Don (who came in their recently purchased camper).  We managed to seat 10 of us comfortably in our van, and a very pleasant evening was had by all.  Let us just say that Happy Hour extended over a many hours and our wine cellar got a serious hammering!

James & James made Bernice this stunning birthday cake which was just divine, and we even managed to share a little of it! 

15 cake 315 Cake15 bday cake

15 tim  …… Timmy enjoying a piece of cake after he fixed the Hydraulic Jacks!  Yes, the jacks were not really fixed after our efforts in Balclutha to get them sorted, they stopped working again.  However, Tim (Bank’s Auto Electrical) found the fault and promptly got it repaired. He deserved that piece of cake!

Whilst being parked up in Oamaru at the Racecourse, we have seen some interesting sights from the van windows including the following……

15 4 wheel ATV training for Dairy Workers

   15 Penguins  Penguins are everywhere

15 piper 3 View out of the back window of a Piper in full Highland dress playing the bagpipes as we do our thing at the waste dump!

15 piper A closer view of the Piper.

15 sunet at the races stunning sunsets

We have also had our mishaps….like a water leak into the rear locker and bedroom, one of the arms for the bed raiser coming undone, and ……………………..  But to compensate,  we have met some lovely people whilst being parked up here, many of them fellow full-timers (there are a LOT of us) as well as part timers.  

We are now back on the road again for the next few weeks before we make our way back through Oamaru to catch up with family before Christmas, then we are into Eiffelton (just out of Ashburton) to spend Christmas with Jason, Erica and the grandchildren.  This is something we are really looking forward to.


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