Before leaving Oamaru we managed to fit in a dinner with Burnie and Hilda and Steve and Leslie and Antony.  A very good barbeque, good wine and a fine evening.

dinner 2

Christmas Eve and we leave Oamaru, this time with a passenger on board, Antony!   Off to Jason and Erica’s to spend Christmas with them, they live just a few km’s out of Ashburton so not a long trip.

Christmas Day and the children were not awake too early, in fact Grandad was up well before anyone else.  The jolly red suited man had done his bit and left behind presents for all.  A lovely day was spent opening presents, playing games, and eating Christmas dinner outside under the shade of the big Oak Tree.

Xmas dinner

Antony was delivered to Christchurch Airport in plenty of time for his flight home.  We really did appreciate him coming down to support us through this emotional time. On our trip back to Ashburton, Roy realised that he had lost one of his hearing aids.  So a short stop to check out the car, call Ants to check out the airport in case it had been knocked out whilst saying farewell, but all to no avail.  Search around at Jason’s but still no luck.  Heavy sigh, a call to the insurance company and a new one will have to be made. 

Roy is helping Jason build a shed, well, it is very amusing to watch as two Mathematicians working out levels, angles and lines is very funny…..they DO think differently to the rest of us!!!!

builders 1 The builders Roy and Jason with assistant Andre

builders 2 Getting there

We moved from the side of the road to the Tinwald Domain and are staying here for a few days.

A most unusual “glass” house was spotted here at the Domain.  It is made of empty plastic bottles and definitely works looking at the Tomato  plants inside (seen through the walls!!)

ingenious hot house

We will remain here around Ashburton until Saturday at least, as Friday is Dante’s 8th birthday.  We shall then head off for a couple of weeks, but not venturing too far as we plan to return for Rose’s 6th birthday on 12th January.

Today was Dante’s birthday and he got a present that he was really looking forward to.

xfighter Eat your heart out Antony here is the Leggo Star Wars X-Wing Fighter as assembled by Dante.

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