So far……

Well, not very far at all really.  On New Years Day we moved from Tinwald to Ocean Beach Road at Lowcliffe which is near Jason & Erica’s but out on the coast.  It is a stunning spot right on the ocean front, we even have a couple of other NFA’ers here with us for a day or two. Roy can still give Jason a hand with the building job at hand, but more importantly he also gets to try his hand at surf casting with the new rod, reel et al.  And I get to be a stones throw from the ocean, I love the sight, sound and smell of the sea!

hot rod This hot rod club was next door to the parking spot at Tinwald.

seaAnd this is the view out of the front window at Lowcliffe.

The only drawback is that there is no phone or internet here, but then perhaps that is a good thing?  Well, it does mean that an awful lot of other things are getting done, such as sorting through all our photos to put on the digital photo frame.  I have been through the 20,000+ photos! and put just 762 onto the memory stick for the photo frame!

The grandchildren have very kindly given us both a dose of a cold. Roy even took to bed for a day as he was feeling so terrible, I appear to have not had it to quite the same degree, thank  goodness.


Andre                                         Theo

eating yummy oranges

Most days though, Roy has been to assist Jason with the building of the ‘shed’.  And Bernice has managed to keep herself occupied either at the van, with the grandchildren, or attending to chores in town.

shed 8 Foundations complete

shed 5Admiring  handiwork, with a helper on my back!

shed 7 

Roof going up

shed 6

Getting the boss’ approval!

shed 4

Nearly there…

shed 3 

There.  Roof up, iron on…now Roy can leave the rest to Jason for a while. 

We head back to the van at the end of each day so that Roy can have a go at losing more bait, hooks or sinkers!

 surf caster  In action


Look!  This is what I caught!

We stayed out at Lowcliffe until Saturday 7 January, when we moved off to replenish stocks, fill the tanks with fresh water, empty the waste tanks and give Jason & Erica a bit of a breather from us.  We headed inland to Mayfield, to a lovely POP just out of the township in the countryside.  It is rather quiet here, especially after being so close to the sea with the noise of the waves crashing onto the shore.  We shall stay here for a day or two and then? goodness knows.  However, we will be back to Eiffelton on Thursday as it is Rose’s 6th birthday and after that we have no idea!


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