Déjà Vu

Friday morning in Ealing dawned with steady rain falling, the first rain we have seen for some weeks so it was rather pleasant for a change.  Time to pack up the van and head off, this time our destination was Hook to friends Anne & Paul for the night.  By the time we reached Hook Manor, large pools of water had formed all along the roadside so with some tentativeness we pulled onto the grass verge (remember, this is where we got the van stuck in the mud a few months ago). 

Anne and Paul were not at home when we arrived, they were in Christchurch where Paul was getting his post operative check up, so we headed into Waimate to get a few bits and pieces and to also get a good coffee at Nosh on the way back.  We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing dinner in readiness for Anne & Paul’s return and generally chilling out.  They duly arrived home with their grandson Ethan in tow, their daughter Bridgette arrived home from work, and soon after their other daughter Michaela arrived along with her husband Brad and Ethan’s sister Sophie. 

What followed was a fantastic fun evening of games  – yes, ok, Brad and Roy were crowned Sequence champs (this time), good food and wine and lots and lots of laughs. A really fantastic very relaxed evening, many thanks to Anne & Paul.

And for the first time in many months Roy & I slept in a bed……in a  house!! We can report that it was very nice too.  Although we do have to admit that standing under a continuous stream of water in the shower felt a little weird as we are so used to the soak, stop water, soap up, turn water on, rinse off, type of shower.  After a leisurely breakfast and start to the day, we eventually headed off towards Oamaru with a great sense of déjà vu! 


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